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People are too quick with interpretations…

Date: September 11, 2012

01) Are people too quick to label other people?

People are too quick with interpretations…

…most especially of the predisposed, judgmental kind.

I find that I don’t so much dislike labels, even if they are stigmatized…anywhere near as I dislike it, wherever people don’t even attempt to understand [or actively refuse to understand] others…and situations where others behave, as though they had a right to deny others the ability to speak for themselves.

These two issues are very much related…but if I have the ability to explain why I embrace the word “pedophile”, there is a chance to work towards neutralizing it’s stigma.

I think it is far more important to have a culture, where people care enough to attempt understanding each other, regardless of what words are used.

It’s this knee jerk, snap judgment [“Jerry Springer”] culture, where half the people just want to finger wag and shoot their mouths off at each other, which drives me up the wall.

…Whatever happened to asking others to clarify themselves, or being mature enough to realize that we wont all agree on everything, and that there are other valid reasons apart from our own?