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That ‘Amusing video’…


Date: September 12, 2012

During my first run on YouTube, at least one member of “absolute zero united” [azu] literally stole copies of my media productions, and used them as propaganda…This was separate from the person trying to steal my identity [by opening up a bunch of accounts that looked like mine, and claiming to be me], as well as the outrageous stunt pulled by that mentally ill sociopath Troy Riser…My goodness…that really was a wild, crazy year on YouTube…

…Anyway, fast forward all the way to about six months ago [a good four or five years on], and some individual at BoyChat decided they could make fun of me, by throwing this old video up in my face…and calling it “amusing”…

…Now, I don’t even remember what name this incredibly small, cheap individual went by…In fact, they may have been an unregistered nick…I literally forget, because I don’t dwell on these petty things…To be honest, I strongly suspect most unregistered [and many registered] trolling nicks on BoyChat to be azu/pj members…The cocky and nasty behavior, fits those two groups like a glove.

…No matter…I just ran across the original response I wrote to the forgotten troll…and I decided to post it here…Because it deals with azu, I thought I would include it in the PJJ series…If you understand the historical alliance between pj and azu…then you know why I consider azu to be a branch of pj.

I never actually posted this before…What I posted on BC, was different…But what follows, is certainly worth expressing.

That “Amusing video”…

…is an example of how the online terrorist hate group “absolute zero united” [azu], literally steals other people’s content and tampers with it, in a blatant attempt to smear the character of others.

It is noted just how quick on the draw you are, with this piece of propaganda you find so amusing…and no doubt thought would embarrass me.

…Never know, when keeping something exactly like that will come in handy, for someone just like you…huh?…

Thanks for revealing your true colors.

Oh…and anyone of even the slightest integrity, might think of offering an untampered, original copy of the media production that got misused in that “amusing” video. Technically, there were two…but the link below leads to a copy of the audio production…The second one is not online, but was a direct response to the abuses of azu…


It should be noted, if I had to do the above project all over again, I would probably change one or two things…though I’d not at all change the message…nor the fact that I put my own voice out there.

Lastly…a piece of historical trivia…The history between myself and azu goes way back…If you browse their blogs early posts, you will find that I was officially named azu’s third target [Rookiee and one other person, being the only people focused on before myself]. There is substantial history here…and I can tell you, the people of azu are completely abusive scum.