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Aprils Law Summary…


Date: September 13, 2012

A note from April 01, 2021:

You may dismiss all of what follows as summarizing the rantings of fanatical lunatics…but keep in mind, there were actual, setting state politicians getting behind this at the time…It was reported on by the local news media. This was a real thing happening in the USA…It was gaining serious traction, for a time.

This was a brazen initiative to destroy the lives of MAPs, for merely expressing themselves in public, sharing information and speaking out on issues.

Whether or not the drive behind this initiative is dead is debatable, as there have been “pedophiles” prosecuted using obscenity laws since…which accomplishes at least a few of the same things, on some level.

01) BoyChat Post

02) Google Sites: Youth Voice Initiative

[Note: This information is being back date posted. At the time of this posting, April 01, 2021, this website no longer appears to exist. I’ve linked to it’s archive on archive.org.]

03) Youth Voice Initiative Home Page

04) Aprils Law Petition [PDF]

The lovely people behind this website have a problem with something they like to call, “legal pedophile websites”…namely, the fact that there is nothing against the law, about a pedophile having his/her own website online, expressing viewpoints and experiences and sharing legal information.

Since these types of websites do not concern themselves with trading child pornography, or “plotting to rape children” [or anything that can sanely be called “a crime”, for that matter], yet the people behind “Youth Voice Initiative” just cant stand it that a pedophile anywhere might have something of importance to say…they have taken it upon themselves, to campaign for the stripping of first amendment protections in the U.S. Constitution, from pedophiles…

They call it “aprils law”…and literally, this translates into the mere act of any “pedophile” having an online presence [ie: their own website] becoming a crime, with severe legal punishments that would destroy most peoples lives.

Ownership of a website is not the only proposed “crime”, but mere participation in such sites and their conversation, would also be prosecutable.

Amongst the things they would do to us all are mandatory quarter of a million dollar fines…seizure of all computer equipment…placement on a sex offender registry, and requirement to register as one…banned from access to the internet…a five year prison sentence, followed by twenty years of probation…

…All this for the proposed “crime”, of open discussion and expressing yourself on the internet…if you happen to be a “pedophile”.

It deserves being noted, that “legal pedophile website” is not honestly even defined, let alone well defined…but, the fact that they cite an old version of Lindsay Ashfords website should send up flaming red flags…They just simply want a license to devastate people, who merely come out as “pedophiles” and express controversial viewpoints.

This petition has been around for years [both a state and federal version], and a lot of people likely still scoff at it…Yet, it has gained support from at least a few state legislators…

Not only is it outright mind boggling that such a thing even could get any traction in the USA…It is an outrage, that anyone would suggest they even have a right, to demand such a law.

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