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Abusive Feminists…

Date: September 16, 2012

01) Tumblr Feminists

One fundamental problem, is that feminists of that strain have decided amongst themselves, that they are within their own rights to dominate over everybody else, and they have gone about acting accordingly.

Of course, like so many other groups, these feminists have tapped into the same mental and behavioral roots, which have caused anger, abuse, hate, war, murder, suffering and yes, rape, throughout human history.

It is self centered, and alienates others.

This is one reason, why so many of us are fed up and at our wits end, with most of what we see represented as feminist…and why there is a lot of anger at feminists.

Those kinds are not out there looking for answers to problems…They’re just out there running rampant, causing social problems.

There is utterly nothing progressive, about people who behave in that manner.