It said/claimed a number of things…

Date: September 17, 2012

01) Arab world aflame over stupid movie

“I can’t believe how the entire Arab world can take seriously such an idiotic, amateurish short film.”

It said/claimed a number of things…

…including the implication that mohammed’s followers were homosexuals, if I recall correctly.

From what I understand of the koran and hadith…much of what appears in that short film, while dramatized and mockingly presented, is accounted as historically accurate.

…his raids on caravans…his marriage/sex with the girl…his war mongering feuds…the way he apparently treated non-muslims, where islam gained the social upper hand…

At times, I’ve wondered about this strange circumstance, where the very contents of the koran [and hadith] are so very taboo…I mean, there they are…yet it’s “insulting” to acknowledge them in any critical way.

To me…that character trait in any religion/group, is deeply troubling…It tells me, that trying to get along peacefully is very unlikely.

There needs to be a sincere line of honest communication, before any understandings can even exist…and the koran, etc…absolutely must be on the table for any acid tests, right alongside any other issues.

As to the movie…People really don’t need to be belligerent jerks, and do this for the motive of provoking other people [who they know all along, will get outraged over this]…I think the movie itself, is senseless…even more so, since it looks to have introduced a few ideas about mohammed, that aren’t even in the koran, etc….

The “movie” goes so far beyond reasonable criticism, that it seems an obvious propaganda piece to outrage muslims…which makes me wonder about the motives, of the people who made it…

I was listening to a national public radio report the other day…and it seems, some vague link has been established between the person[s] behind the video, and terry jones…of “burn a koran day” infamy…Though, I guess it wasn’t too easy, to identify the actual producer of the film.

Anyway…I suspect various interests have gotten what they wanted out of this…a wedge issue…Some are claiming that the U.S. government must take responsibility for the film…This is all quite convenient, when people want vastly different cultures at each others throats.

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