All Westerners are Christian?…

Date: September 18, 2012

01) The problem with the nutty Islamists

“…they are often under the impression that all Westerners are Christian and represented politically by our nuttiest Christian fundies.”

I can understand that…

…In fact, it seems some muslims have a problem with comprehending the idea of western multiculturalism…

Sure, non muslims do exist in some muslim countries, who’ve elected not to purge infidels…but, they are grossly diminished in status, cannot influence much politically, and they’re pretty well censored.

It seems hard for foreign muslims [ones who aren’t natural citizens of western countries] to comprehend the ideal of “free speech”, or why it is important.

Because of these things, it is easier to understand why muslims commonly have such narrow views, on how things are supposed to be…and why they might presume our social/political structure to be similar to their own…as in, a dominant religion ruling all.

Incidentally…because of it’s nature…I think it is obvious, that the breaking of dominant islam is imperative [just as it has been, with dominant christianity], if mankind expects to live in a world with some semblance of freedom and personal meaning.

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