Banned Sexual Orientation Therapy…


Date: October 2, 2012

01) BoyChat

“…Religious and civil rights law groups say they are headed to federal court to try to stop a new California law that bars licensed counselors and therapists – even if they are pastors, priests or rabbis — from helping anyone under 18 to change their sexual orientation…”

02) Original News Story

I don’t know that I specifically agree with the strict letter of that law [which prohibits even instances where a homosexual youth personally wants to seek it]…but I do think this is something, generally in the right direction.

To me…I don’t know that there is a right answer, when youth want this for themselves [and yes, I know there’s a lot of destructive, preconditioning that goes into this]…If they are dead set on pursuing it and believe they cannot live this way…then they have a lot to work through, and merely denying them the first hand experience of this path may not help…but I do know that compulsory negative influence surrounding your orientation, can become personally devastating.

A lot of times when I was growing up and discovering the revelations of my own sexuality…I wished for some kind of sanctuary…Not necessarily to be made different…but to have a way out of my circumstances…to be rid of the conflict…and the fear…

Sometimes I look at what is going on today, with gay youth groups…”gay straight alliances”, and the like, openly practicing in public schools…It about blows my mind…That sort of thing was inconceivable, back when I was in school…and where I went to school, this would have never been allowed, at all…

…I wish it had been…

As someone who has led an isolated existence of this sort…I wish there had been something/someone there, to stand up for people like me.

…I think these laws ultimately should focus on those people/groups, who impose a hostile atmosphere of aggression, threat and shame upon kids who are not heterosexual…most especially, those cases where the kids cannot leave the place and situation.

…These settings are rife with psychological and emotional abuse…even at the hands of the well meaning.

I think…crippling a human beings sense of well being and self worth, is the true crime…


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