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We are still viewed as separate…


Date: October 9, 2012

01) Movie portraying children sexuality

“On the one hand there is the Sandusky trial and on the other hand there is a movie that discusses children sexuality. The movie is clear about its message of love and no mention of abuse.

Are we not keeping up with peoples’ perceptions about us? I feel that there is a trend that people are accepting more and more children’s sexuality. How come we are not recognizing this acceptance amongst us as childlovers?”

There is no doubt, for years there have been marginalized voices [separate from us] attempting to bring social acknowledgement to childhood sexuality [at least as a matter of human sexual development].

Since many people view childhood sexuality as being extremely inconvenient to current social models, reviving social consciousness towards childhood sexuality [and it’s various issues, both personal to the child and social] has been a challenging shell to crack.

It does seem that their is a growing acknowledgement, that ignoring and suppressing a humans natural sexuality at those ages, generally leads to negative effects. This is not to imply anybody “has to” have sexual experiences at those ages, in order to grow up fine…It’s just to say, that neglecting the practical issues that arise surrounding a child’s natural sexuality, is over all bad. A child should not feel shamed into silence about their very real sexuality, for example.

There have been sex experts in recent decades, who openly advocated positive reaffirmation [ie: “That feels good, doesn’t it?”], whenever a parent finds their young child sexually stimulating themselves, for example…and just being non-judgementally open, about discussing sex with their child…and accepting, about various sexual things their child is more likely than not to eventually do [ie: masturbation].

These are good trends, but I’ve also seen those exact same experts being booed and rejected by audiences, for answering in such ways…What they say may be sound, but many people don’t want to hear it.

…That is a deep social problem…truth and reality, getting rejected in favor of “social wisdom”…a principle more in place to enforce “social norms” and prevent change, than anything else.

…But we should not ignore the fact, that some sex experts have been acknowledging childhood sexuality for a very long time.

It’s important to note, that “we” are not seen as being involved in that equation…Meaning, “childhood sexuality” and “pedophilia” are framed as two distinct issues.

In the real world, they certainly could intertwine…but it’s political suicide for an expert in the field of sex, to openly state such…as it would be, for people in many professions.

It’s also important to note, that while a lot of these movies may be interesting to us for watching, and there might be some angle by which we can personally identify with them…these movies are not about “us”…

…I have yet to actually see a movie which I can honestly say, it is my opinion that it gives an accurate portrayal of actual “pedophilia”, and a realistic storyline for “pedophiles”…let alone, a reasonably balanced representation of adult/child sexual relations.

At best, movies typically dance lightly around the kids sexual experiences…and that is all that those parts of the movie are about.

It’s nice to see the acknowledgement…but these movies are sometimes targeted with “child porn” accusations, too.

It is out there, and we’ll find an oasis every now and again…but there are very loud, obnoxious and aggressive groups, who are very intent on suppressing this sort of thing…Which is why we so rarely see it, even in it’s most tame of forms.



For a Lost Soldier…

Date: October 9, 2012

01) For a Lost Soldier

“It’s been mentioned here countless times before, but I think For A Lost Soldier is the only major motion picture that fits the bill.”

I was thinking to myself while writing that post, that I know someone is going to mention at least one movie, that does fit fairly well…and FALS is an obvious one…though I’ve seen a few others mentioned, where this kind of relationship was more implied by the movie, and not explicitly shown, also.

There is one caveat I do have…and that being, that anal sex where a man penetrates a young boy [and yes, I know “young boy” is a bit more hazy, when we are really talking young teens], I feel is not a very accurate representation for what I have come to learn, as being statistically common for “pedophilia”.

…Why are us [would be] little boy cock suckers so neglected and under appreciated?! 😉

Seriously, though…As a personal and practical matter, I will never have anal sex…and absolutely not with a kid that young.

I am coming at this from the perspective of being an LBL, so this greatly effects my position…and I think anal sex when concerning young boys, is best left between similar age mates, if it comes up at all.

I’ve always felt like most people are oblivious to the fact, that our style of “pedophile” even exists…Yet, statistically, we are the overwhelming majority.

This is probably the only major way, in which I do not consider FALS to be a good representation of typical “pedophilia”…

…I generally give it leeway, regarding some of the other things it’s been knocked for [like the aggressive pursuit of Jerome, or the soldiers abrupt leaving]…because life isn’t a perfect fairy tale, nor was it meant to be…And I think people can honestly go well overboard, when deciding how perfectly constructed the world is supposed to be around children…as if they wont survive a few “rough n tumble”, sad or disappointing experiences.

…Of course…they will…and they do, all the time…

If it fit’s peoples ideas of a good social model, then they call it “building character”…or “making you stronger”.

I’ll generally concede the point, that there is a balanced and decent theme for man/boy love, in FALS…Or at the very least, this is about as close as we’ve come thus far, in getting “the perfect” account of a man/boy sexual love affair.

I forget the soldiers name…but he is very human, in this movie…The relationship, is very human…very mutually empathetic.