Mmmmm…yes…”Spiritual Murder”…

Date: October 10, 2012

01) Link

…”Judge Cleland is even more offensive, explicitly proclaiming that the “victims” suffered “an assault on their souls” in addition to a psychological assault”…

This sounds like a spin, on the “molestation is spiritual/psychological murder” line.

I’ve never thought to highly of people who go there, and try to employ this tactic.

…It’s the same sort of thing, that comes from the voodoo molestation crowd…They’re always dreaming up excuses, why nobody can say anything about sex which they disapprove of…It invariably has something to do, with some other person, somewhere else, entirely out of your own sphere of control, reading your words and allegedly deciding to molest/kidnap/rape/murder a child “because” of what you said…

…and, gee…with such “high stakes” being saddled on your words…who can say anything at all?…Quite the corner, to be backed up, hog-tied, gagged, blindfolded and ear-plugged in…isn’t it?

I realize that sometimes people do sexually/psychologically devastating things to other people…and those other people may never recover from it, entirely…It may be fair, to describe those things in such a way…

…but I’ve also witnessed these carefully designed bits of emotion dripping, outrage evoking, slick behavior/effect labels used far to many times, as nothing more than a naked weapon to lash out, and bludgeon other people with…

I am like you, Will…It disgusts me to see people do this…Language that pushes peoples emotional buttons, should be left at the door.

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