Transgendered Struts Around In Female Locker Room Naked…With “Her” Penis…

Date: November 2, 2012

01) Little Girls Forced to View Male Genitals

01) Original News Story

“Francis told KIRO-TV that he was born a man but chose to live as a woman in 2009.”

Does this mean, if we say we’ve aged into men, but chose to live as teens, tweens and children, that we could fall under a “Romeo & Romeo [Juliet]” clause? 😉

Crazy story, no doubt.

As a boy and into my teens, I had this membership at a YMCA…Every now and then, a father would bring in his young daughter with him…Change in the open, shower naked with everyone, and all that. I even found myself literally being forced to change in front of her, once.

It was kind of awkward…but, nobody cared…No cops ever got involved…Near as I know, she never went crazy over seeing all that penis [a whole locker room worth].

She didn’t seem to much care…Presumably, she was quite accustomed to it.

…The mid 80’s were so, so, so different…

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