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Who is trustworthy anymore?…

Date: November 11, 2012

01) MBC Post

“I’m beginning to wonder who is trustworthy anymore.”

I’ve been having this general sense, for a while now…Not that I don’t know, there aren’t still very decent people left here, but some days, it just feels like these boards are drowning in trolls, and abusive behavior.

Some of the genuine people are clear…Others who have an established history of abuse, are also clear…But all the nicks I don’t know if I have any established history with, are at times very hard for me to distinguish what their intent is…

…It gets more complicated, when established good people have been pushed past their own limits, and they start firing back…getting dragged into it all.

What are the personal spats?…What is serious and important?…Who are the true sociopaths?…At times, it feels so unclear…possibly because our boards have been plunged into endless pandemonium of this type, for so long.

A lot of us are just sick to death of it…and we are reacting to that.

I’ve had the same epiphany, that so many other old-timers have eluded too…Visiting here, and literally feeling like I was surrounded by trolls…as if BC had been taken over by trolls [or at least the worst elements, amongst our kind]. It makes you just sick to see it…and BC doesn’t always feel like a place I want to be.

Have outsiders infiltrated us to such a degree, that “this” is how they’ve decided to destroy our online resources?…

…I’ve been asking myself that question, for a long, long time now.