Mental Health…

Date: December 18, 2012

01) Feeling numb

I think you certainly have touched on the most fundamental of core issues, surrounding these kinds of cases…

…For many years now, I have been asking why it is that no matter where you go…it feels like you just cannot escape, what I can only characterize as a relentless assault on mental well being…and I mean everything from rotten news, institutionalized hate and negative conditioning, to causing loss of personal hope [ie: looming financial collapse across the globe, which have intensively lingered on for a decade or more, and politicians refuse to do anything of substance to avoid].

When people are desperate and scared/angry/etc…and they don’t know what to do…and they don’t see any future for themselves…these kinds of things happen.

Much too few people place relevance, in the most important variables…mental health and stability, being at the top of that list…Everything else, is just peripheral at most.

The other night, I was at a sports bar I like to eat at…and this basketball coach was shown on a television screen, where he started spontaneously ranting about the Sandy Hook massacre…While I’m not all that comfortable with celebrities doing this, he did say something which I do agree with…and that is, that we all are responsible for this as a society…Of course, then he went on to imply that we don’t have enough prohibition laws on guns…which I think shows, that the most important of social issues went straight over his own head, without much of a thought on his own part.

I agree with him, in that society is responsible for these kinds of atrocities…not because guns are available [that is a simplistic cop out]…but because one of the unspoken tenets of our culture in the U.S., is that we isolate others as a normal part of our behavior, and we treat each other like shit…being self centered, intolerant, abusive, cruel and greedy, are celebrated “virtues”…

When you are born into, and mentally conditioned into this kind of a culture…What is to be expected?

It’s a relentless assault on mental health, and conditioning people to be monsters…Adam Lanza behaved accordingly, in his own extreme way.

According to it’s own behavior…this is what society wants.

…And it is a shameful disgrace, that more people do not see this.

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