Sandy Hook: Untypical Set of Variables…

Date: December 18, 2012

01) A BC Response

Without question, one could not have more effectively tailor made a scenario, to elicit maximum emotional, knee jerk reaction.

These are, hands down, the worst times to start drafting new law…and they are the worst cases, on which to base new law…They are anomalies, in which the extreme majority will never engage…Yet, new laws and special interest agendas, are likely to target and negatively impact the extreme majority, regardless.

Like you…I consider those who aggressively exploit the corpses, suffering and tragedies of others by using them to pedal social prohibition agendas, to be vultures…These cases where the bodies have barely gotten cold, and nobody is allowed time/privacy to grieve, are most especially offensive…I think it is fair to say, people who conduct these campaigns are not so much looking to craft intelligent law…as they just want their personal vision of social order, backed by force and threat of law.

To be sure…I am extremely uncomfortable, with the U.S. president rushing to the scene of the crime, and making vague, broad proclaims within hours of this atrocity, that the powers of his office are going to do everything they can “to protect children” [whatever that allegedly means – Calling your lawyer, whenever a pedophile pays tame compliments to your children, ala Lindsay, perhaps?]…In the age of “the patriot act” and “homeland security”, I don’t trust the fallout from this to leave most of us alone…and some of us, this could impact gravely just because we are scapegoats.

That said…it’s also important to separate the simple acts of being human and showing sympathy/empathy, from the politicized fallout and clashes.

…I think, this thread was about human sympathy and empathy, for the immediate victims.

There is a lot of good to be said, for these kinds of expression…We lose a lot of our own humanity, when we turn our back on it.

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