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When I was really young…

Date: December 27, 2012

01) Shifting ages of attraction?

When I was really young, it was only age mates…When I got around nine/ten, it was age mates and younger…When I got around thirteen, it was younger but not so much age mates…When I got to fifteen, it was all younger…When I got to thirty something, it was still all younger but with the rare fourteen to eighteen year old…It’s been holding ever since.

It about knocked me off my feet, the first time I had “that” moment, with a fifteen year old boy standing in front of me…his bare, creamy, delicious chest bursting stridently from between his open shirt halves…I swear, it said to me…”Lick Me!…inch by inch!”.

I’ve never quite gotten over that…I think he was making out with a girl, just previously…his pheromones were high, or something…

Another one of these rare boys…Possibly the most beautiful boy, I ever knew [both as a teen and small/young boy]…He actually hung himself…It made me extremely sick, to find that out…It was beyond senseless [yes, I know…you never know, what’s going on behind the scenes]…and it’s awkward, knowing one of the oldest people I’ve ever had the hots for, has been dead for several years.

…totally unnatural, for a Child-Lover…Sadly, he is not the only one, though…

…A small for his age, cute thirteen year old who I was extremely fond of, got killed in an accident…Those were bad days…He’s the same one I’ve had a memorial on my websites and blogs for, all those years…if anyone remembers it…I hated that time period…It was marred by a rash of deaths, really.

There’s been a few others I’ve found myself attracted too…but, mostly it cuts off with tweens.