About “cabinet maker”…

Date: February 18, 2013

01) Yet still another, Non-fan of “cabinet maker”

“Such a narrow focus, and you call me stupid?

I don’t need to resort to name calling or attempts to insult, because I’m fairly certain that my presence here IS positive and IS valuable, regardless of what you say.”

…You’ve learned some important lessons about “cabinet maker”, here…

That particular individual has a long, notorious history of relentlessly trying to pick fights with people on BoyChat, by being personally malicious and vindictive…and behaving in smarmy, underhanded ways.

They are pretty much a one trick pony, in that regard.

One hallmark of “cabinet maker”…is their tendency to force themselves into a thread, by accusing people of “whatever” and forcefully asserting it as “true”…Typically, their claim is entirely out of context to the thread of discussion…Often, it is an outright lie, made just to get jabs in at people…Then, they bash, smear and ridicule you, based on whatever it is they have made up about you…And for those who take the bait, “cabinet maker” goes on an obsessive, immature exchange of posts…defiling threads and BoyChat itself, by making the atmosphere here as absolutely abhorrent and uninviting, as is humanly possible.

They also have this peculiar tendency, to be obviously guilty of many of the exact same things, which they are attacking others over…Sometimes, incredulously, right in the immediate act of attacking…making them a brazen hypocrite.

slvrspun is right…”cabinet maker” gives off all the signs of a sociopath stalker.

I noticed “cabinet maker” has continued their obsessive following of me, probably spouting their usual nastiness below…It’s amazing how much attention I get from them, considering how little I post here…Anyway, I hope you will take whatever it is they said in it’s deserved context, considering the abysmal integrity of the source.

People of integrity do not have to resort to what “cabinet maker” almost universally defaults with.

As a personal bit of advice…Rule of thumb, if a post is made by “cabinet maker”…just don’t open it…It wont stop that troll from littering the index with fight threads [because somebody else will always open and respond to those posts], but it will make your reading here much more productive and pleasurable.

Oh…and I should echo one thing…BoyChat honestly is monitored by people, who can be extremely dangerous towards us…A lot of us [myself included] have watched our friends lives get destroyed, because they were loose with their private information.

BoyChat is not like other forums…and it’s extremely important not to out yourself here.

– Steve

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