Something Awful…

Date: March 25, 2013

…I posted the below as comment to a response to this post, which is a good read…

…A “something awful” rip on BoyChat…from 2003…

…A “something awful” rip on BoyChat…from 2003…

As it were, I was dragged through the mud by a very similar website [portal of evil], years ago…with one of my earlier websites targeted…Sometimes, the archives of websites like this can be amusing to wander through, because they do find a lot of unique content and websites…

…but it should not be forgotten, that the kinds of people these websites attract, are truly bottom feeders…some are of the worst sort, and glean parasitic joy from the pain and hardships of others.

I will never forget the day I was wandering around in the “portal of evil” archives, and found this entire section dedicated to demeaning and making fun of people [mostly mothers], who created websites for their miscarried, stillborn or SIDS infant children…memorial pages, for their dead babies…

…And those were the type of people, who threw stones at me for expressing a different viewpoint on love…

“something awful” is at it’s core, the same as “portal of evil”…A website for people to point and gawk at others…Generally, a place to be cruel towards others.

It’s unfortunate, they don’t have something better to offer the world…

…All the same, I don’t blame Tom, if he just happened across this and wasn’t especially familiar with this sort of website.

– Steve Diamond

2 thoughts on “Something Awful…

  1. tomocarroll

    I agree, Steve, that sites specialising in gratuitous cruelty are deplorable. I confess I had not given any thought to that side of things when I grabbed info. from a site giving details of some terrible mediaeval popes. Indeed, as you surmise, I “wasn’t particularly familiar with this sort of website.” It is quite a long time ago now, but I think I probably discovered the site in question through a Google search on popes. I definitely not not search for “sites that are gratuitously cruel”!

    I would also like to point out that I used a number of different sites for my info and acknowledged that the facts could well be contentious. I wrote:

    “Can all this be the gospel truth? Well, the gossip and scandal mongers of times gone by were probably just as given to hype and fabrication today’s tabloid tattlers, and as I have knocked up this story in a hurry from some possibly dodgy websites I am certainly not going to swear by every detail. In broad terms, though, serious historians accept that popes in the Mediaeval and Renaissance eras were hardly as pious at St Francis.”

    Best wishes,

    Tom O’Carroll

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Hey Tom! 🙂

      I understand…and I understand you posting this response.

      I had intended on reposting this on my blog, since shortly after I posted it on yours….I just never got around to it, till now. This wasn’t intended as a jab at you. And it’s like I said…You can still find a lot of interesting content, through these kinds of websites.

      This blog kind of serves as a journal, of the many things that have shaped me…And the whole “Something Awful / Portal of Evil” exposures fall into that…Which is why I decided to post this here.

      – Steve


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