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Blog Log…

Note: I’m going to delete this log, when I’m ready to start publishing again…It’s here, just to let people know what’s going on…since I know, so much of what I am doing you really cant see…and it might otherwise seem like I’m doing nothing.

July 10, 2013

I think I’m going to purchase a space upgrade…At $20 a year, I can go back to keeping my own MP3s [music] right on my blog…having it available on it’s own, without pesky commercials…like it was, back on blog.com. I just hate the idea, of all the time and work that it’s going to take, to get the fifty or so music tracks of mine encoded into video, so they can be hosted on a media website like YouTube…I’ll do that for the podcast, as I am creating the episodes…But I like for my music, to be performed on it’s own.

Maybe, “Diamond Raw” will move here, also…

Think I’ll go into town before work, today…get a prepaid debit card, and make the purchase after work…The 10 GB should do…Heck, all the media I had at blog.com, amongst all the blogs, was still only scratching the surface [about 3%] of 2 GB…And I had dozens of pieces of audio media, as well as a lot of graphics.

This will make republishing my music, much easier…And it’s time to liven things up around here.

– Steve

July 10, 2013

Not much to report, except that if you visit my ISD Index page, you’ll find that I’ve got an updated version of The EQF Glossary up.

Oh yes…We are getting very close, to the return of “The Blog That Started It All”…

I’m going to actively start reposting “In Self Defense” here, soon.

– Steve

July 9, 2013

There are a few additions of note…

Look in the sidebar for “On Who’s Coattails”…It’s a new page…

I brought back the “Amazon.com Censorship” page, in the new “Important Issues” section.

I also have opened up the base, for the new “In Self Defense” index page…with links on it that lead nowhere…So don’t bother clicking on them.

Oh yeah!…And I opened up the official page, for the “Our Love Frontier” podcast…Which you probably already noticed…I’ll be refining that, as I get time.

– Steve

June 25, 2013

It’s been a while since I updated this log…

I’ve posted a handful of things, and just got done posting all of these new pages:

About Contacting People

Statement of Intent

In Defense of Newgon

About Being a Pedophile

An Intentional Choice

An Oath of Truth

As to the Media

Bunker Mentality

Distorted Views

Hate Speech and Propaganda

If You Wish To Judge


Me, PJ and AZU

People Fearing MAPs

Sharing Personal Viewpoints

At this point, I think I’m legitimately done authoring and posting pages for a while…I want to focus on re-publishing posts, and the new podcast.

– Steve

May 23, 2013

Believe it or not…counting this “Blog Log”…There is presently 50 posts on this blog [plus thirty some odd pages, currently available for viewing – More to come!]…I’ve been pushing myself quite hard, and I’m going to have to back off a bit…This is really throwing me for a loop…especially at work…I cant keep this pace up.

So, I’m going to take a bit of a break, tonight…Maybe put on a movie…I’ve been watching the Harry Potter series, after the sad news of Richard Griffiths [“Uncle Vernon”] death…He was a damn funny actor…and brought some great stuff to the HP series.

…Guess I’ll watch the rest of “Order of the Phoenix”…

I’ll be back, fairly soon…Maybe tomorrow…

– Steve

P.S. Thank you too all the many, many people reading my blog [stats don’t lie, do they?]…It’s nice to have a robust community of readership…I hope you find my content enriching…It’s wonderful to see, that people are interested.

May 22, 2013

I added five or six links to the OLF Links page…And I’ll be adding more, later…I have a few new pages to put up, also…and if I can remember what I was going to write about, I also had a few more ideas for additional pages.

Right now, I’m focusing on re-publishing my baywords and blog.com archives…the unassigned posts…It’s kind of a rambling, sloppy process…I want to intermix other stuff, also, though I’m not giving precedence to anything…I’ll post some new content, soon.

Oh…and I have a Memorial off to the side, now.

– Steve

May 7, 2013

Sometimes, I wonder if I don’t have way too many post categories for my own good…

Because of the degree of extreme chore it is…I am going to be extremely loose, when it comes to attaching categories to my old blog posts…In fact, I’m considering just attaching the bare minimum to them…As in, an archive designation [Baywords/Blog/Blogspot], and a Sub-Blog designation [or “Unassigned”]…Because it is going to take me forever, to re-read everything…and attempt assigning categories all over again…So, unfortunately…As much work as I’ve put into things, to make them as nice as possible…I’m making an executive decision…and deciding that having the content back online as expediently as possible, is more important than meticulous categorization.

…I really don’t like this, however.

In addition, I also wrote and posted — My Renegade Phase?
…Linked in the “About Steve Diamond” section…

I’m going through my Baywords.com content, which is the first version of “Our Love Frontier”…and I cant help almost being shocked, at all the personal anger which I am running across…I genuinely do not remember it being quite on that level, especially not for “Our Love Frontier”…But, this was a sort of transitional phase, coming off of “In Self Defense”, which was extremely edgy and at times quite emotional writing…It took me a number of years, to kind of mellow out of it…

…And most of this content has been setting in a folder, waiting to be re-posted…out of sight, for several years…I guess, I honestly forgot…just what a whip cracker I was back then…Wow…

You know…society desperately needs a good clubbing upside the head, with reality…and that is where I was at, emotionally and psychologically…Though I’ve not lost touch with this…I have evolved away from it, and decided it was unhealthy to remain there…So, I chose a new direction.

The tone of my earlier content, can be very clashing against what I’ve been focusing on over the last three or so years…Which has been a lot more laid back…and mostly positive and creative.

I still think, there is a lot worth preserving in my old content…including the anger…and the reasons behind the anger…I think those expressions of anger, are something which society should not be allowed to look away from, or deny…That is why, I am reposting them…And I will eventually start reposting “In Self Defense”, also…

Much of it is extremely personal, emotional…dark, even…unlike anything else, I’d previously written…It’s the song of a tortured soul…and the hope of an optimist…It’s the red line, of a cornered animal…It is starkly, the insides of “Me”…It is high time, this collection finally got pieced together, all in one place.

May 6, 2013

I’ve started posting again…

…and I put up the Conditioned Social Structure Vs True Natural Capacity page…

I have more specialized pages to create and put up…but I’m tired, and I’ll do those later.

May 2, 2013

A new post…I also added the “Absolute Zero Unites” link to my Links Page…and I wrote a “Statement of Intent” page, which I’m going to put up tomorrow, maybe…Soon, anyway.

– Steve

May 1, 2013

Happy May! 🙂

Okay…I did a good bit of work, on giving “The Wall” a face lift…and I am much, much happier with what I have now, than with that ugly thing I initially threw together…and I pruned away, a few of the links…Yes, yes…I’ll eventually post something, in regards to those people/groups…but, I doubt I’m going to have more than one or two posts even dealing with some of them. I just thought it was overkill, having all those links…No matter how outrageous the “April’s Law” initiative may be, Petra Luna simply does not warrant that much attention…Judith Reisman “might”, but I’ll make a decision on that, when I come to that bridge.

I have my sorta “first” post up…”Absolute Zero Unites”…and I’m probably going to focus on my Welcome page, next…

Oh!…If anybody reading this is even remotely likely to use the instant messenger linked below, let me know…please…I’m getting to a point, where I’m itching to make the decision…whether I just drop it, or move forward with an option for live IM chatting…I’d like to know if anybody else is interested [and I know other people are viewing this blog…I’ve been getting as many as 16 views, in any given day]…I know it’s not something that’s good to use a lot…But again, I like making myself available live…Unfortunately, tests have shown that a proxy blocks these widgets…

Should they stay?…Should they go?…Any concerns?…

– Steve Diamond

Date: April 30, 2013

A day or so back, I decided to link the RSS feed to my Amazon.com account at the right…This account is for product reviews…Many, I expect I will also post here…But, I thought I’d offer the RSS feed, on the chance that somebody wanted to subscribe to it.

Aside from this…The OLF Links Page is back up…a tad bit slimmer, from pruning away dead links…but it is there…I plan to build it up, a bit…maybe try to stay on top of it better…

Date: April 24, 2013

I have four, all new pages up…A Statement on RelativismAn Analogy on Faulty Child Sex Abuse ResearchOne Voice Does Not Fit AllLaws Don’t Serve Minorities?

I’ve ran out of new pages to post…So, that focus is done, for now…And I think what is there, is a decent foundation.

I think, I will next focus on my links page…I haven’t decided on what I want to do with the “Amazon.com book purge” page…The GIF I created to bring attention to it, was a bit on the disruptive side…and I was never entirely at ease with it. Maybe, I’ll create a new one…Kind of hate to ignore this issue…even if I don’t believe, having up a web page does much about it.

After this, I’ll focus on the Atheist Media links page, and the accompanying sub-blog…Then I’ll put up the welcome page…

Beyond that, there’s a “Send Me a PM” page…which I have to re-write, and it will be concerned with the IM linked below…

Kinda wanted to start actively blogging today…and even did a little bit of writing…I’ll start soon.

Date: April 22, 2013

Well…Silent Hill Revelation could have been a lot better, and didn’t really match up with the standard of it’s predecessor…but, anyway…

I see nobody has left any feedback over the IM question…So, I went ahead and made a few places to embed an instance of it…If you want to go take a look, please do…If not, then no worries.

On My Blogspot Blog

At the EQF Archive Blog

I’ll get back to working on things, in a day or two…maybe earlier…

-Steve Diamond

Date: April 17, 2013

Looking for feedback, from anyone who cares to offer it…

Should I bother with an Instant Messenger, or a chat room?…

I actually found a decent IM, which I only have one substantial gripe about…It pretty well covers all the same major bases that Meebo hit, though…And since I considered Meebo to be pretty much perfect, I am thinking I want to use this one…It will give me a way, to connect with readers…and old friends…So long as they’re not too spooked, by allowing scripts to run.

I do like the blatantly stated free speech stance, claimed by this IM provider…They’re not a company harping on some “we’ll shut you down based on any reason, or no reason at all”, terms of service clause…You know…The kind which companies lacking backbone and integrity cite, whenever they just want to get rid of any inconvenient people?…Well, this company comes off sounding like unless you’re doing something explicitly illegal, then they don’t want to get involved…I like and appreciate companies like that.

…and I think I have a chat room, which will work fine for small groups…and for a place like this…The kicker, is that I cant embed any of these into this blog, like I would highly prefer…I’ll have to find a place off of this blog, for my IM…The chat room, can actually exist on it’s own…I want to see how it behaves behind a proxy, though…and maybe try a few things…

…Or, maybe I should just forget about it…What do you think?

Is it worthwhile to have some kind of live interaction, connected with this blog?

Well…That’s what I’ve been doing today…opening up accounts, and testing out embeddable Instant Messenger widgets…I miss my Meebo…and liked making myself available, like that…

Anyway, I’m done for today…and I am done working on this for now…maybe for a day or two…I have a copy of “Silent Hill Revelation” that’s been calling to me, all day…Maybe I’ll watch both movies, back to back…Mmmmm…

– Steve Diamond

Date: April 16, 2013

First, I added a new link in the “About Steve Diamond” section, A Right to Sex With Children?

I have four more of these to post…then my blog Links page…and an Atheist Media Links page…and a welcome page…Not sure if I’m going to put up a new Private Message page [like my old Meebo page], but I’m looking into some options…I don’t think I’ve found anything, that quite replaces Meebo [which was bought out, and killed by Google]…

Second, I added a new page to act as an interim “end page”, for “In Self Defense”…This means, when there is not a “next page”, you’ll be taken to this new page when you click on the “Onward to the Next Page” link.

Third, I have three more Sub-Blogs ready to go…

I’ve retired several of these, and not just the ones that dealt with hate groups and mean people…But I’ve still probably got fifteen or so, left to re-fit to WordPress.com…and a few I want to re-work…One or two, I’ve shelved for the time being.

Fourth, I opened up a secondary YouTube account…Just to have it…Plus I got it verified [like the first one], so I can upload videos longer than fifteen minutes in length.

Fifth, I deleted nearly all the test posts which were here…but left a couple of them…and they will remain, as a permanent part of this blog…They’re unique enough.

On other fronts…

Yesterday while perusing a couple of old archives…I retrieved half a dozen or so old pieces of writing of mine, which need to be spellchecked…but I formatted them like my normal posts…They’ll probably end up in “Views from the Vault”…There’s quite a lot more, left to go through…But I’ll revisit each archive…and pick out the more worthy bits, for posting…I’ve finally started on this process, of sorting through my old material.

…So, it’s been a busy couple of days…

I’ve also been creating new header banners, for this blog…Plus, I’ve been writing…and I think I’m going to start posting real soon…A ton of just huge developments has happened in the world, since I went on hiatus back in the summer of 2012…Not that I plan on posting about it all…It just feels like the world has changed, so much.

– Steve

More Later…