What gets under my skin…


Date: May 13, 2013

01) Give religion a spray, the non-discriminatory way

What gets under my skin…

…is the way “islamophobia” gets thrown around…

Don’t get me wrong, because I do think there could be a legitimate context for using this term…It’s just that, it seems to pop up “everywhere”…

I get the sense, it’s usage is disingenuous…I mean, good grief…If we are honest, then we have to acknowledge that real, substantial discussion and observation on Islam [as a social concern], is just now beginning to gain momentum…Nobody was talking about this stuff, back in the 70’s, 80’s or 90’s…

There is a genuine culture clash, and a lot of “islamic culture values”, which are outright repugnant in, and inconsistent with, “western culture” [and I would judge, inferior]…There is also a visible trend, of islamists moving to “western” countries and wishing to import their “islamic culture” with them, to the extent of incorporating it into government…As opposed to embracing the culture of their host country…It is no surprise, that a lot of people are uneasy about this…Nor that they don’t like it, and want it to stop…

It’s because of stuff going on, like in the Netherlands…where they’ve been having very serious political and social problems, with islam oriented groups and organizations, which many other “westerners” are reacting in horror towards…And from what I have seen, it is entirely justified horror [as well as outrage].

…Just now, it feels we are getting to a point where we are starting to breach into healthy discussion, about islam and it’s world aspirations.

A large [if not the primary] part of the reason why Harris, Dawkins, etc, etc, have been so forceful in their approach, is because they have been attempting to push “western” cultures into a full on social discussion about what islamic aspirations mean to the rest of us.

…Something which I, and I think any rational person, would welcome…

This is not something which should be approached with silence, or meek appeasement…Islamic culture may be prideful…but that does not mean that it cannot, or should not, be subjected to strong criticism…or rejection, as a social model.

In the face of what has become demonstrable [islamic culture, hijacking countries and subduing their native populations]…anyone trying to retort, by throwing around the word “islamophobia”…as though they can shame the people expressing legitimate alarm, into silence…Those people clearly have their heads, up their own behinds.

…I sincerely wish people would stop resorting to this cowardly, deceitful, propagandist word “islamophobia”…and that they would actually address the fundamental concerns on the table. I mean, does anyone else stop and consider, just how often these “phobia” labels are evoked, simply to derail discussion and taint the image of others?…And yes, homophobia sometimes gets abusively used this way, also.

The point is…”islamophobia” is being used as a weapon, to halt a dialogue which needs to happen…and at a time, when that dialogue is still relatively fragile…There is something extremely wrong and creepy about that.

Islam deserves no privileges, above any other group…And I look upon this, with all the same distaste as I experience in the face of nearly any form of censorship.

Now…If Sam Harris has factually advocated violence, or anything like dehumanization, etc, etc, against any group…I would seriously take exception…and I would consider this to be a tragic, unfortunate turn for “the new atheists”. I’ve not personally seen this out of Harris…but then, I don’t follow him closely. I have previously held him in substantially high respect, though. What I’ve seen of him, has shown me that he has a good mind, and a gift for articulate communication that anyone can understand.


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