The Stalking Behavior Web Site…

Date: June 5, 2013

01) The Stalking Behavior Web Site

02) Am I a Stalker?

03) How To Recognize a Stalker

04) Cyber-stalking

05) Are You Being Stalked?

06) Definitions

07) Frequently Asked Questions

“Stalking is defined as “the willful, malicious and repeated following and harassing of another person”

“Defense mechanisms play a significant role in the form of denial, minimization, devaluation, and projection of blame onto the victim”

” “Objectification”: The stalker derogates the victim, reducing him/her to an object — this allows the stalker the ability to feel angry with the victim without experiencing empathy”

This is a very informative website, even though it is slanted towards “relationship and love interest” type stalking…but much here also applies to any type of stalking…including the forms of cyberstalking, harassment and terrorism committed by groups like Perverted Justice and Absolute Zero United…

There are still more pages linked there, than what I have linked here…and I recommend taking a look at those, also.

I took a few relevant quotes, from a few of these pages…

The first is an obvious base definition…

…The second is pure, classic PJ/AZU…always pointing their fingers at their own victims, and blaming the victims of their own criminal activities…They like to put themselves up on a pedestal, by trying to claim that their victims “deserve it”…Or that “their [the victims] kind”, did something to them which “authorizes” their own criminal behavior…in retaliation, of some perceived trespass.

…The third is, still again, pure and classic PJ/AZU…The victims of these groups are spoken of in the most derogatory, dehumanizing of manners…Despite that those victims are the ones being violated, the true predatory aggressors objectify their victims, mentally stripping them of humanity, and all presumed rights and humanities afforded to humans…This propagandist, brainwashing behavior typically dismisses what the predator is doing to his/her victim, reducing it to some parallel level with “putting down a diseased animal”…The true victim gets falsely saddled with “being the problem”, while at the same time the predators behavior [what is happening to the victim] is passed off as both “necessary” and “a social good”…

Anyway…I just wanted to share this website…which I will likely put on my links page…

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