Not Exactly a Model Relationship…

Date: June 16, 2013

01) In New Zealand. Luckily, he was not raped

02) Woman, 36, bears child of 11-year-old boy

It falls well below my own standards, to get someone [of any age] intoxicated just so you can have sex with them.

It’s not that I think intoxication is evil, when mixed with sex…even though, I do think it’s ridiculous to dull the senses with alcohol prior to having sex…I think it is wrong to ply anyone with alcohol, to get them to do something which you know they are not likely to do.

If that boy was literally clueless about all of this, not responsive to previous hints or flirtations…nothing was discussed…no interests were expressed by the boy…no prior agreement and understanding existed…then I have to suggest, that the woman in this news story is very wrong in what she did.

How far do you go in prosecuting someone like her?…I honestly don’t know…but it is curious, that females cannot be charged with rape in New Zealand…And to be entirely honest, I am not convinced that changing the laws would be a good thing…The legal ability to liberally and creatively prosecute all “sexual deviants”, is a completely inhumane nightmare for a lot of people on this planet.

Part of me has to agree, however…People who fall for these “quick and easy” answers, to get what they want sexually out of a young person…they deal immeasurable damage and injury, to the image of Child-Lovers and Teen-Lovers…all around the world. They do bare personal responsibility to a wide, vast range of people, for their actions…not just to the kid[s] they manipulated…There should be consequence…and it should not be trivial.

All the same…what do you say, to a person trapped in a world with no outlet?…

…Culture plays an indispensable role, in creating the people in these circumstances…and pushing them, to behave in such ways…by refusing to them, an open and transparent alternative, where willing individuals can make this choice for themselves, without secrets or shame.

If we had a supportive, educated and motivated social structure…one which cultivates a safe, secure environment…It is my opinion, that we could largely wipe out these cases, where individuals rape children…or where they get kids drunk, just so they can press them into something they don’t want to do.

…Does this not sound intelligent or good, to anybody out there?…bringing down the true rate of sexual violation, by creating a social sphere where willing and interested individuals can come together, and mutually satisfy their own sexual needs?

…Before anybody makes the false claim, that kids are never interested or capable of such relations…you need to educate yourself…Boys, in particular, tend to have an extremely heavy interest in sex [and a biological drive to have it], especially as they are approaching puberty and entering into adolescence…though earlier years, are hardly untouched by this biological drive.

Puberty is not “the gate”, separating a child between “asexual” life and “sexual” life…It is merely the point, where a persons sex drive severely ramps up and exists on a more consistent level…The sex drive exists prior to puberty…It may be strong, it may be weak…It may flux between phases of strong and weak…For boys, it normally comes on very strong around the age of five years…This is because of completely normal testosterone boosts in the body, to promote body development…and it’s why a lot of little boys, are sexually explorative/receptive.

There is absolutely nothing new about being horny, to your typical seven year old boy…People need to stop lying, and fantasizing that the sex drive is not even there…This social fantasy…it is even attempting to eclipse the realities of puberty, and sexual awakening in kids, right at the point in their lives…where it is most intense, and absolutely undeniable…

…and it is dragging prohibition, extreme shaming campaigns…forced sexual celibacy, to the point where they are outright grotesquely incompatible, with natural and biological human sexuality as it exists in the real world.

…Today, people are punished on an outright cruel level…for daring to love and be intimate, with a willing companion…How insane is that?

To my mind…this world is in dire need of much more love…and far less cruelty…

This cultural schizophrenia…is not healthy…for anybody, at all.

“Liggins Institute director Professor Wayne Cutfield, an expert in the development of children, said boys became fertile about halfway through puberty, which could begin as early as age nine. “The onset of puberty is a lot younger than people think.”

This is a gem of a quote…And I expect, the majority of people out there are unfamiliar with this point of fact…Personally, I’ve been aware of it for many, many years.

Puberty can happen, while a child is still well within the first ten years of their life…The onset of puberty, is something which comes over a long period of time…And are we expected to believe, as thinking, rational and educated beings…that the eight year old who is soon going to experience puberty at nine, is currently living a life entirely unaffected by the onset of his/her approaching puberty?

Going into puberty, is like walking up a ramp…It is an evolving process, which makes itself apparent…long before full onset of puberty…When puberty is at it’s height, nobody experiencing it is going to be taken by shock and surprise, over the fact that they are automatically sexually aroused on a daily basis…By this point in time, that phenomena has a very well established pattern and history…They already know to expect it.

Any problem usually arises, in the fact they are kept unnaturally ignorant about normal human sexuality…Which is to say, nobody is informing them that they are normal and this is to be expected…When they need this information the most…it is typically deprived of them…Which is, yet still, another unhealthy sexual hang up…only serving to further our sexually dysfunctional culture.

On to another quote…

“As a male you’re supposed to enjoy it but we don’t say that about young girls. Males are not seen as victims. The psychological damage is huge – and they carry extra [shame] because it’s a woman and you’re supposed to enjoy it.”

It feels like an awful lot of cognitive distortion is going on, with this statement…For one thing, the real world, typical differences between how males and females experience these sorts of situations, are deeply substantial.

If someone wants to say, that kids that age are not mentally/emotionally conditioned to engage in that…I would say, that there is a culturally imposed basis for such mental/emotional shortcomings…and the issue can be considered, because it does have some meat to it…It is pretty self evident that it exists, to anyone paying closer attention.

…But if anybody wants to make the incredulous statement, that a young girl being violently raped in her vagina is equivalent to a young boy having his penis sucked on, stroked or taken into another body orifice…That is just a lie…It is a straight up lie.

For one thing…there is a pain factor, which does not at all likely exist for the boy…and a substantial likelihood of bodily injury, which also does not exist for the boy…

What injury may occur for the boy, is one of emotion and stress…from taking part in stigmatized activities…carrying the stress, of believing [quite falsely] he is abnormal…being forced into situations, which conflict with his natural loyalties [ie: having to lie about it, or conceal it from his parents while knowing they’d not approve]…

…But the sex act, itself…girls are penetrated, and have another persons biological matter, germs, bacteria, etc, put into them…When it is against their will, it is even worse because they had no choice as to what was put inside of them…If it was a stranger, it is still yet worse…and they may have to live for years, not knowing if any dire consequences will befall them…

…Boys, on the other hand, are quite the opposite…unless they are anally raped, or forced to perform oral sex on another person…acts which are not so typical. Other than these rare occurrences, a boys experience will be entirely different from a physical standpoint. He is not being penetrated, made to feel pain nor having anything introduced inside his own body…

As to the issue of older people having offspring, with people who could reasonably still be called children…

…You know…biologically, this is not so much strange or unnatural…The true barrier exists, in the fact that one parent is likely to die much sooner than the other…But as a historical fact, nine and ten year olds getting married and being sexually active by the time they hit puberty [often younger boys being paired with a teenage female]…this was common fair, even in the puritanical United States of America, less than a century back…We are only a couple generations removed, from this practice. It was considered ethical and good, by normal cultural standards. Sometimes, there were wide age differences…but it was understood, the younger would benefit from the elders status and knowledge…As well, the younger would inherit the elders wealth.

Extended families also commonly lived together, so there was not so much burden on the very young, when it came to raising their own offspring…Their own parents were there, to teach them and help.

Of the things which have stepped in the middle of these kinds of pairings…Likely the one which has held the most severe impact, is that there no longer exists any wider social structure to support them…We have all been torn separate, by this “pre-ordained” social narrative on “how to live life”…and we are all sent out to obediently perform a set of “life milestones”, on a set timetable…You are punished, for deviating from “the path”.

No…I do not see it as some “great evil”, that an eleven year old boy might make a baby, with someone much older…

…I will certainly concede, it is complicated when someone who had no intention of making a baby, suddenly has a baby…

I do not have any magic answers…but so long as a social structure exists, to love and care for that baby…then the sky will not burn and fall. Level headed perspective, should be welcome in these sorts of cases.

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