“Ride Coattails”?…

Date: June 30, 2013

01) BoyChat Response

“You can attempt to ride the coattails of the gay community…”

I think it’s fair to say, the selective manner in which wider culture has embraced gays makes for extremely fertile ground, on which to shine a spotlight exposing logical fallacies and ethical/integrity shortcomings on the part of said culture…And to that extent, I do fully welcome these developments. It puts a stark perspective, on how hypocritical, shallow and senselessly hostile, many people can be.

Taking advantage of this, has its place…In fact, it’s one of the leverage points we have in our favor.

What I don’t understand, and this trend goes well beyond your own implication here…is that people have this tendency to act like we’ve been trying to attach ourselves to “the gay community”, and we supposedly are trying to “sneak under the radar” into social acceptance as “part of the gay community”.

This has never made any sense to me…since from what I have spent years witnessing…the very premise is so, so, so starkly wrong…and obviously so, on it’s face, for anybody spending enough time to even just scratch the surface.

I reject the whole idea, that there even is any “coattail riding” going on at all.

I am curious, as to just why you have implied such an assertion…In fact, such a question can be posed to anyone accusing us of “riding coattails of the gays”…

We have not been riding on the work of others…We have been walking our own path, and fighting our own battles.

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