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“Ms. Rooney’s” Cognition…

Date: July 1, 2013

01) All the world loves a lover?

02) Don’t tell me my affair with a teacher was abusive – I’ll be the judge of that

Apparently, “Ms. Rooney’s” very own cognition, and memories of how the relationship took place, are not good enough for the majority of commentators.

Many of them have their cliches, their stubborn thought patterns, and their rigid social models, all ready to go at a moments notice.

…I get disappointed, all the more…as I virtually never encounter even just an original take, or viewpoint…It’s a mental wasteland…those sorts of comments sections…recycling the same old, well trained “slogans” of disgust and horror…from minds, with no use for objectivity, or empathy. They are “right”, because they say “they are right”…and they are legion.

One thing I’ve noted more in recent times…is the extreme discomfort many people exhibit, wherever “a victim” comes forward to say that what they experienced was not bad…or “worse still”, was even good.

It’s like, the majority of people have decided…that the branded “victim” has no right to their own cognition.

It reminds me of a YouTube video out there, where this male is talking about his experience growing up around BoyLovers…He even admits to having “had experiences with them”…and he outright says, he was not harmed by it.

Of the comments, most are from people simply arguing with him…telling him he is wrong, and “he is a victim” no matter what he says or thinks, or how these relationships even happened. Literally, they were trying to deny this guy his own voice…because they just don’t care, about the objective facts surrounding his experiences with BoyLovers.

“No matter what, we’re going to call you a victim…No matter what, we’re going to call it abuse…No matter what, we’re going to extract severe consequences.”

…What do you even say, to people who think and act like that? There is no common ground…They’ve marginalized others [commonly “us”], right out of the discussion.

I sometimes wonder with some people, if they are literally incapable…of being better than they presently are…or of evolving into something more, than what they are currently limited to.

One would think, the voices of those actually involved in the relationship in question would trump with authority, the voices of others…and especially of those, who had no personal involvement or knowledge of said relationship…

…But in cases like that of “Ms. Rooney”…the masses have deemed her inconvenient cognition “inferior” to their own…Heck, isn’t their own “right” to impose assumptions, what is most important of all?…[an extremely cynical question, yes.]

As things stand…any ignorant fool can lecture the rest of us on a public stage, regarding “just how wrong we are”, because our experiences and opinions don’t line up perfectly, with those [often uncritical, and uneducated] of the majority.


Date: July 1, 2013

01) How to take a vacation from yourself

“autopaedophiles being those who continues to conceive of themselves as a child long after childhood, and who have a sexual attraction to themselves in that role alongside being attracted to actual children whom they regard as their peers.”

I did not know, there was an official title for this. You’ve taught me something new here, Tom. Thank you!

This [what is described] is something that I personally identify with. The social system [including notions on adulthood] we have imposed upon us, has always seemed extremely foreign to me…at times distressing…and a source of chronic dread.

Psychologically, I still identify with my very young self…Assuming “adult” roles, has been more a painful process of having parts of me ripped away, or bludgeoned down by social customs…This evolution has never felt like a natural, or right process. It’s more about learning how to not be hurt, than about learning how to actually live…let alone, thrive.

The self sexual attraction thing…While I’d not suggest I’ve ever had a really strong leaning, that way…there are some relevant things I could cite, from my life…For example, I do sometimes have recurring fantasies, of going back to my own boyhood and living out sexual relations with boys…some who I knew…others who are fictional creations.

Children as peers?…I think the relationship dynamics are not entirely that simple, due to social stresses…but I completely understand, that sort of pedophilic bond. I am something different from the child…Yet there is a tremendous deal within that child, which I identify with. They can’t honestly be a peer…But in no small way, there is an understanding of personal equal importance.