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We’re Not Doing Enough for BL Youth?…

Date: July 7, 2013

01) BoyChat Response

When the owl is hunting the squirrel…do we point out that the squirrel is no longer gathering nuts for the approaching winter, and hence “being very irresponsible”? …or do we acknowledge that the most pressing threat facing the squirrel, is being killed and eaten by the owl?…

Your original contention:

“You guys are no advocates for young BL’s”

An additional insight from you:

“Gays have made so much progress that they really don’t have many battles left to fight. That’s why they’re focusing on these ‘pet projects’ like the Boy Scouts, gay marriage, etc.”

I think you just rebuffed your own original contention, here…Or at the very least, you pointed out one of the fundamental reasons why BoyLovers don’t [openly] have substantive organizations and programs, to concretely support young BoyLovers.

It is this way for every minority, clawing it’s own way through intense persecution.

When you are fighting for your own literal survival and existence, tendencies will be to make your stands, on the fields most immediately facing/threatening you…This does not always leave much, for the creation of wide reaching organizations…or “pet projects”, as you called them.

At times when this “You’re not doing enough” accusation comes up…I am forced to respond, with at least a little bit of frustration…”What exactly do you expect?”…There is no road map for us to follow, given our particular set of circumstances…There are a lot of people fighting [successful or not] to destroy, any positive advances that we make. Many of us do what we do, while fighting a lot of obstacles which hold us back.

Fact is…we need less people complaining about how the movers around here “aren’t doing whatever”, to their own satisfaction…and more people who concern themselves, with recognizing causes in need of people to do something about them…preferably following through, with personally doing something about them.

You want us to have our own youth organizations and initiatives?…Wonderful!…But we need a much more solid foundation, before we can seriously even get to the point where such things are viable…Otherwise, what are we going to build these nice initiatives upon?

Please know, it is not that I deny much more needs to be done regarding “our own young”…This is amongst many things, in dire need of attention…I just think you are ignoring the real world, if you think we can “do it all”, and “right now”.