Demi Always Liked Em Young?…

Date: July 8, 2013

01) Demi Moore Passionately Kissing Boy (Full Video)

Here is a gem of an old video, from 1982…

…Demi Moore [at age 19] passionately kisses 15 year old Philip Tanzini, three times over…

At times, I am just floored by spectacles of hypocrisy…I mean, how exactly does this jive, with Demi and Ashtons reckless campaign against “sex abuse” [which grossly distorted facts and figures…They didn’t even care enough, to have correct information…], that caused such a stink a few years back?

I don’t personally see anything wrong with what happened in that video, mind you…

…I just have a hard time wrapping my mind around how people’s behaviors, are so often in extreme conflict with what they say…the messages they preach.

I know people evolve and change…but how were you once this open minded, even sampling “the unspeakable” in public…just to turn into a crusading witch hunter?

…Maybe Demi is so far past her prime, that she’s having a hard time getting the cute fifteen year old boys anymore?…Maybe, she’s spiteful?

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