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Positive Atheism’s Big Scary List of Jerry Falwell Quotations…

Date: July 9, 2013

01) Scary Jerry Falwell Quotations

Jerry has been dead for a while now, but I am starting to sift through my massive collection of saved links and web pages…and I ran across this page.

These quotes are the sorts of things habitually repeated, by one of the most prominent modern day leaders of the organized christian movement…And millions of people looked up to this guy…They followed his lead.

These examples really put into sobering focus, exactly why the organized and political christian movement is so disturbing.

Jerry Falwell, to my mind, had a very loose grasp on sanity.

Child Porn vs Child Art…


Date: July 9, 2013

01) Child pornography vs Child art

“How does one define the difference between the two? Is there even much of a difference at all?” – Nooble

02) Repost Thread

03) Re: Child Porn vs Child Art – Amor Vincet Omnia

“Kiddie Porn” has been a serious cultural icon and focal point for several decades now. Future generations will want to understand that, and go to the source to understand the craziness of our culture. It’s very invisibility will taunt future art historians to search it out and study it and when they do so the best of it (like the John and Carlos series) will be elevated to a pedestal, studied and praised by a snobish few, and thus slowly make its way into a future culture.” – mvanhouten

04) Re: Child Porn vs Child Art – Amor Vincet Omnia

“Most people– even regular posters here– don’t see child pornography as potentially a colaborative effort between photographer and subject. On very rare occasions this isn’t the case, but in the vast majority of samples involving boys I’ve seen the colaboration is obvious: erections and grins are difficult to fake.

That boys can often be eager and active participants in the production of what the law defines as child pornography becomes clear when we see boys creating nude self-portraits for others using their cell phones, etc. with no direct adult involvement.” – mvanhouten

The original question is a good one…and a hard one to answer…Or, maybe not…

It is only hard to answer, if you are attempting to make any distinction in the first place.

Are child pornography and child art, explicitly different things?…I would suggest, no…There is no tangible line, to distinguish them from each other.

In fact, I [like various others] consider child pornography to be a form of art, as well as a simple documentation of human sexuality. Much child pornography – the expression and immense enjoyment of sexuality by children – is outright beautiful and wonderful, in my opinion. That type of child pornography is not awful, nor is it ugly…It is not an assault, nor does it solicit ill emotions in any rational mind…It is, very simply, a celebration of young human sexuality…It is capturing beautiful moments of sexual discovery…and a time in life, when sex is new and exciting.

How any rational or sane mind could be offended by this, is beyond me. It makes no practical sense, at all…The only way to make sense of such sentiment, is in knowing that most people speak of child pornography from a stance of complete ignorance, of the thing itself…Or, they have an extremely skewed and negatively biased viewpoint, from something in their personal past, which they project onto the entire topic of child pornography. They have to read things into child pornography, which commonly are simply not represented at all…Or in other words, they are imposing lies upon the content, itself.

As was brought to light in these threads…Yes, much of what is considered great art today [IE: Caravaggio]…was scandalous and caused a social uproar, back during the era when it was actually created…So, times do change…people change…ideas and views change…

There were a number of infamous artists, who depicted naked child bodies…and who were reviled for it, in their own time…Today, we cherish and celebrate that very exact same work…Yet, we cannot seem to afford the same respect, to modern day depictions.

How is that for a breakdown in logic?…It’s like, humans can’t see this issue in a tempered and measured light, unless an individual example is extremely old…It’s somehow lasted the test of time, and survived…Whomever made it, or was depicted in it, is long dead…Maybe that has something to do with this messy rational?…”The long dead, aren’t to be worried about”?…

The “child pornography” of today could become entirely embraced, by future generations…Like some, I would also expect this to happen eventually…along with an overwhelming social sense, that people of our era were outright insane, over their hostility and viewpoints on owning and viewing depictions of children [and teenagers] in sexual activities. I can hear them now, asking “what was the fuss about?”, and making assertions that we must have been living in the dark ages.

So, what distinguishes child pornography from child art?…

…In my opinion…not a damn thing, other than ignorance and social phobia.



Reason.com: Perverted Justice…

Date: July 9, 2013

01) Perverted Justice [Page 1]

02) Perverted Justice [Page 2]

03) Perverted Justice [Page 3]

04) Perverted Justice [Page 4]

“The panic that followed Megan Kanka’s murder produced an alarm system that often fails to distinguish between dangerous predators like Timmendequas, who had a record of assaulting little girls, and nonviolent lawbreakers like Elliot, who posed no discernible threat to the general public.”

“Registration only rarely leads to murder, but it routinely ruins relationships, triggers ostracism and harassment, and impedes education and employment.”

“Some sex offenders, including nonviolent ones, will not live to see the underside of a bridge because they receive sentences that keep them behind bars until they die. Two decades of ever-more-punitive legislation have produced sentencing rules so bizarre and byzantine that the punishment for possessing images of sexually abused children can be more severe than the punishment for sexually abusing them.”

“The public branding of sex offenders through online registries is a reaction to horrible, highly publicized crimes, such as Megan Kanka’s murder, in which strangers abduct, rape, and kill children. But this sort of crime is exceedingly rare. Data from the Justice Department’s National Crime Victimization Survey indicate that more than 90 percent of sexually abused minors are assaulted by relatives or acquaintances—people they trust. (According to the same survey, strangers commit just one in four sexual assaults on adults. They commit only 14 percent of sexual assaults reported to police.) Furthermore, according to a 1997 Justice Department study, nearly nine out of 10 people arrested for sex offenses have no prior convictions for this category of crime, so they would not show up in sex offender registries.”

This article is such a great smorgasbord of highly quotable information, that I’m literally having to stop myself from lifting more quotes…At some point you have to stop, otherwise you are violating copyright law. There is a lot of information broached here, and this is a “must read” kind of article…The kind I’d love to have a full copy of, on my blog.

What is given here, is a soundly damning indictment, on modern day implementation of punitive sex prohibition laws…Its extremes…Its failures…It’s lack of touch with reality…