James Cantor Speaks at ATSA Convention…

Date: July 25, 2013

01) James Cantor Speaks at ATSA Convention

You know…”Virtuous Pedophiles” has been around for several years, and I’ve been reluctant to really give much comment regarding them…Mostly, this is because I did not dig deeper and lacked a clear understanding, on the finer points of their stances.

It is considerably troubling, what Howie brings to light here, in this post…I’ve probably listened to that interview before, and I recall at least one article regarding this very issue and James Cantor…I guess, I did not realize that James Cantor was a central founder in VP…and I thought the group was more…”grass roots”…

…Is VP a ploy for James Cantor to do a study?…a study for which he already has decided, what the “findings” will be?

I don’t know…I want to be entirely fair…And I recall James Cantor when he first came to BoyChat, and answered some things…I did feel a bit sorry for him, because of the hostility…His defense of his work, that given his sample of participants…his findings were simply how the numbers and statistics broke down…It made me pause and think…Yeah, I suppose it is not his fault, if that is legitimately how his group of test subjects turned out.

…Like many, I do have to think there is something very uncommon about his test subjects, however.

Maybe, at the same time our view is skewed…because we associate with each other…We at BoyChat found each other…And while I’d never dream of suggesting that every single participant at BoyChat is a model for BoyLovers, I do have to concede…maybe, the BoyLovers and Girl-Lovers with lower IQs have a strong tendency to stay offline?…Maybe, they are far less represented amongst the BoyChat and GirlChat face? Maybe, the lower IQ BoyLovers and Girl-Lovers have a natural tendency to get caught more?…to not think things through?…to have less impulse control?…I don’t know…But I do find it believable in theory anyway, that they may be an over represented group which gives the rest of us that stereotypical “pedophile” representation, even when it has never fit us as individuals.

A sad point…is that most people like us are not going to voluntarily compromise themselves, by participating in these kinds of studies [and organizations]…Most who do end up in such studies, are people who got caught and snared into the system. Lower IQ people, for whatever reasons, seem to be the ones getting caught and put on display for the public…Higher IQ people are either refraining from illegal activity, or finding better ways to cover their tracks…They are not at all likely, to compromise themselves by volunteering for such studies, or by joining such groups…Which I think, is why higher IQ people are lesser represented amongst the studies.

Of course, I’ve known some BoyLovers with high IQs…My own is a bit above average…I think most of the BoyLovers I’ve had relationships with, were at least of average IQ…I can only think of one on BoyChat, who had a decidedly low IQ.

Given the fluidity of human sexuality…and what I believe both history and research have shown, to be the wide ranging universality of “pedophilia”…I have an extremely hard time believing, that there are not at least equal numbers of “pedophiles” amongst all classes and social ranges…as well as IQ levels.

I’ve often thought, that we [Child-Lovers and Teen-Lovers] generally get tainted by the demeaning stereotypes [ie: don’t feel we can get an adult companion], because those sorts of things are more genuinely accurate…for the over represented low IQ groups. Crazy thing is…if those various things are correct for those groups…to my mind, this means that a large portion of said groups are “situational pedophiles” [a misnomer], and not even actual pedophiles.

…I’m off on a tangent, here…

“Virtuous Pedophiles”…

…For the record books…I support the genuine public expression of voice, by real pedophiles and real ephebophiles…even if I do not personally agree with what they are saying…I think it is a good development, getting a lot of us out there in the public arena making an impact on public dialogue.

2 thoughts on “James Cantor Speaks at ATSA Convention…

  1. leonard sisyphus mann

    One contributory explanation to the findings of Cantor’s research, one which I’m not aware of him having factored in, one which I’ve tried to communicate to him (but why would he listen to a pleb like me, ehh?) are the effects of Stigma and Alienation on the developing adolescent brain.

    I mean – say someone starts becoming aware of their paedophilic desires at the age of 12 and at the same time becomes aware of the hatred and stigma associated with these desires. All his friends are talking about and chasing girls of their own age and he’s left out. Either he manages to keep his desires secret and experiences alientation and fear. His school friends, his family may think he’s weird but not quite know why he’s withdrawn, shows no sexual or romantic interest in girls or boys…

    If his desires become known then, of course, all hell breaks loose.

    Either way his mental health, his social relationships, his school work and health are going to suffer.

    How many paedophile teens have considered suicide? Stigma is a killer and a damages lives. Stigma soils one’s identity and the understanding and appreciation of the self.

    So if statistically speaking paedophiles have lower IQ than the general population &c then to what extent is that ‘innate’ (the interpretation Cantor gives to his research) and to what extent is it down to the effects of the stigma and alienation on the developing brain of the adolescent paedophile?

    (OK, this doesn’t address the ‘left-handed’ question – but what’s so bad about being left-handed anyway!? Some of my best friends are left-handed and it’s in no way been a handicap or problem for him.)

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Hello, leonard sisyphus mann! 🙂

      I’ve thought about the left handed thing a bit, which I know I’ve written down [or recorded myself talking about] somewhere.

      To my mind…the whole question of handedness could be as trivial a matter, as paying no attention to how others around you are performing things [like writing, for example]…and simply developing in a different way, without even thinking about it.

      I agree…both that left handedness is not an inhibitor, and that stigma can have many crippling effects on people.

      It makes it difficult, if not impossible, to just study people like us in a natural and healthy environment…and state of being.


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