Missing You…

Date: July 29, 2013

01) I miss ’em

“Who do you miss?”

Farlin…Gemini…Weyland…Goodguy…Boybuddy…DY…and too many others…

I realize that some people change their identities…and every rare now and then, I recognize a retold story…or an opinion, which has a certain someone’s style all over it…I’ve even done this myself, for a time.

…I think it is obvious, especially when you know someone intimately well…it is obvious, when they are truly gone…While I’d not say this of all named here, I would say it feels like their meaningful presence has left BoyChat…It’s the biggest shame, because these were the sorts of people, who understood what it took to make BoyChat human…They were from an era, where BoyChat could genuinely be classed as a support forum…where people genuinely cared about each other, and cared about what happened to each other…with sincere emotion, from a true bond…and a true sense of responsibility for each other…even real loyalty, which withstood the many tribulations we all have faced…These had a strong existence here on BoyChat, once.

For me…wandering through these boards has become a hollow experience…There is an insurmountable hole left here at BoyChat, in their absence…And I feel more like a lone relic, or a ghost without his companions. Returning here is never like it used to be…where you knew you were coming back to your second family…You knew a lot of people, would be just as glad to see you, as you were to see them.

…And they were real…They communicated and acted, like real people…in the best ways, that humans should treat each other…They and others like them…they are what is missing so badly, around here.

BoyChat feels un-welcoming…uncaring…selfish…petty…immature…lost to “all about the lulz” mentality [an attitude which screams contempt, and makes me personally sick to witness] …It feels like you can trust virtually nobody, to be straight, genuine, honorable and honest, anymore…Too many people concerned with their head games, and contests of who can trip up who…seemingly for personal sport…Whatever happened, to mutual respect around here?

Of course…I am encouraged by some newer participants, who feel to have passed as genuine…who are civil…who seem to have their mind, in a right sort of place…who care about us, in a wider perspective…who do not take the low road, or hit below the belt…

What it takes to rebuild what we had here…is people who may be much too few, and much too far between.

No…It was never perfect…And maybe, we were living in a somewhat sheltered fantasy world…But we had something here, which we could be genuinely proud of…something we were all intimately invested in…

…We could use a lot more people like those I’ve mentioned above, on BoyChat today…Individuals like them, are the only thing that has ever made this place truly great.

BoyChat is poorer, for their loss and absence.

…Part of me sometimes wonders, if they feel the same.

…I hope they do.

I will never again be complete, without my BoyChat family…In a few cases, these losses have been every bit as devastating, as experiencing the true death of a family member.

What I have found at BoyChat has given me extreme highs, and dealt me very deep lows…lows I find hard, to choose adequate words for.

But I will always love my BoyChat family, no matter what…I will continue to wait in vigil…

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