Rose City: My Actual BoyChat Response…

Date: August 06, 2013

01) BoyChat Response

What I Am Finding So Disturbing About This…

…is that character reference testimony during the sentencing part of any trial, is both commonplace and is supposed to be encouraged by the “justice system”…They are not just a right…They are an integral part, of the court process…and of sentencing, itself…

…and these six people got chewed out by the judge, for participating in a process which is mandated to happen in the court room?

I am absolutely positive, this is not the first time in history that a convicted person has been defended as human, and deserving of leniency…even in this specific type of case.

…In some cases, it is a common sense assessment.

It is alarming to witness a group, attempting to interfere with the legal process on this sort of a level.

People should never face this sort of threat, when honestly giving character testimony.

…This is one of the reasons, why the “justice system” has gone straight to hell…Intimidation, vendettas and retribution, are all rife within it.

…No system in this sorry state, can ever align itself with justice.

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