Is the Law Always an Enemy?…

Date: August 11, 2013

01) The common law can help us

“I disagree with you, Steve, that law is always an enemy.”

…And I disagree with both that statement [“law is always an enemy”], and the premise behind it [that I’ve ever expressed this]…So, how are we in disagreement? 🙂

The law is very commonly a source of conflict…as a result there is a lot of complaining about it, but I have never believed or stated that the law is universally bad.

In a better world than this, laws would protect and support people like us…It is possible, yes.

Given as many years as I’ve been beating this drum, I would hope it is clear to most…even if much of my heart lies with anarchist and naturalist principles, I accept that legal systems are going nowhere…and we must work within them.

We have to begin from a base of mutual respect and understanding, however…otherwise, all of this is just meaningless talk…I suppose, this may be why I have a tendency towards blatant and bold representations and distinctions…And why I think they are so important…And why it bothers me so bad, when most fail to recognize certain important distinctions…Distinctions which should be obvious, blatant and bold, in my opinion.

I really don’t disagree with you in principle, Will…

…I just think a mainstream system of contracts is bound to shun, and sidestep a lot of us.

Is this what BoyLove means, when institutionalized in modern culture?

If so…that would be a tragedy, and another miscarriage of justice.

You can’t legislate the human, out of human beings. It is time for the legal system to stop beating its own head up against the wall [along with that of everyone else], trying to run in that direction.

It is time that even “the romantics” be respected as human beings, who make valid points and who have rights.

So long as we are causing no genuine harm…it is time the system learned to live with us, as we are.

The last thing I think would be helpful, is some system which is bound to end up acting like a de facto, pre-screened “relationship tribunal for pedophiles”…which also has far reaching financial stipulations and obligations.

…Who is going to be “good enough”?…What is the criteria?…

Whatever happened to the day, when people could just be and live?…and get along, based on the merits of their own nature?…

…Or did that day never exist?

…perhaps it should exist, for once.

Don’t say it is impossible…It honestly is not.

[Note: Thank you for the link, Will. I have some understanding on common law, but I’d be hard pressed to explain much about it…It’s been years, since I’ve done any reading about common law.]

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