Really Bad Apples…

Date: August 11, 2013

…They get feted out, naturally.

The thing about really bad apples, is that they are going to do their thing regardless. No amount of law is going to stop this…no matter how excessive the law.

One of the biggest faults of our society, is that it so commonly penalizes everybody, over the actions of the worst amongst us.

…Is it romanticizing the situation, to acknowledge this monumentally screwed up point?…

I think it is an entirely fair assessment.

Probably the single worst thing we are shackled with, and what keeps us down socially…is being blamed for every potentially bad thing, that could ever happen in any scenario involving both sex and a legal minor…

…It is a false blame, which we do not even deserve.

What is needed, is a truce and a mutual understanding amongst those of good character and will…A symbiotic relationship, can naturally grow from this…Bad apples, should never come between this…

…And society will deal with bad apples, in the same manner it usually does.

People should not be forced to stop living a meaningful life, on the argument that bad apples live amongst us in this world.

A good apple, should live free.

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