Answering Questions…

Date: August 12, 2013

01) Please answer my question, Steve

Hi Will! 🙂

If we were integrated into society, like anybody else, there flatly would not need to be special invasive laws to address these issues.

Instead of us being forced to live in secrecy, there would be a much wider network of accountability.

What you bring up…”pimping”, etc…there already are laws to address these things…The question becomes how to apply existing laws, and tailor them to cases, which society is not presently accustomed to approaching in a sane and balanced way.

To answer your question…In the natural and sane world, we would be out in the open, entirely approachable and open to scrutiny, like everybody else. In other words, the wider communities we found ourselves living in, would have a much more direct “hands on” effect, on what was going on in our own lives.

This is how things naturally should be, in my opinion…

I don’t see where signing contracts and agreeing to pay personal resources for some extended period of time, is going to change the trustworthiness of the individual in question…and I have to reiterate, that this is bound to turn into some type of “system of privilege”…and be quite vulnerable, to certain forms of child pimping.

As I interpret it…Your question boils down to, “how do we get society to change, without implementing something like these contracts?”…

Contracts are bound to introduce all sorts of things to these natural relations, which frankly should not even be in the conversation…because they hold no weight, regarding the rightness of the relationship…We are not going to convince anyone with contracts, who was not already convinced beforehand.

“Hands on” inclusion and personal seeing, leading to understanding, is what needs to take place…It is one of the reasons, why all forms of “child pornography” need to be decriminalized…Hiding who and what we are [including our sex acts] from the mainstream public, must come to an end.

This is a genuine solution, because when everyone can finally see for themselves what typically goes on, and they can judge it objectively…they can no longer justify malicious prohibition against us…And if they continue to do so, then they will lose personal credibility…and they will marginalize themselves.

Stated another way…when everyone else can see what we do, in a concrete way…others will no longer have a free pass to lie about us.

Remove the plane realities of who we are, and what we are inclined towards, from the mental imaginations of everybody else…and give them something concrete in the real world, to judge and understand us by.

It won’t get us liberation tomorrow…It might get some of us murdered…It will be a precious seed, to protect and grow…But probably the single most important battel for us to fight and win, is stopping others from concealing us behind malicious stereotypes.

That is the true issue, which is breathing fire down our necks, right now…

If the day comes, when people decide they want to start implementing private contracts over this sort of thing…I can’t dictate, what everybody else does…But I do still have a very ill feeling, about trying to break down an intimate relationship like that, to a sterile and invasive contract.

…Humans weren’t meant to live like that…

That is my answer…If they don’t even know who we are and what we are about…then contracts won’t mean a thing.

Do note, that I also have great respect for you, Will. I don’t look badly on what you and Etenne are doing here…In fact, I think it is productive to vet ideas…

…I would even support an archive, of wide ranging ideas and proposals of this nature [how we might integrate into society, successfully]…Maybe, someone could take it up at Boywiki…

At the same time…I am just giving a sincere response, as someone all too weary of the endless manner in which laws encroach upon our lives.

Dealing with contracts, means dealing with a system that is already rotten…Which means taking upon ourselves rotten practices, as compromise…But then, I am looking at what exists right now…And I don’t believe what exists today, even can be wagered with…We don’t know what will exist, down the line…We do know, what exists right now must be neutralized.

I feel I should reiterate something…

…That being the point, there are safeguards in place in any social system…Probably the main reason why so many people believe “we” fall through the cracks, is because we are not well plugged into that social system [network, or whatever you want to call it].

Remove the hyper suspicion surrounding us, the phobia and hatred, and most of us should be able to fit in just fine.

Do “we” need special attention?…

…Well…people leave their children in the care of babysitters all the time, without a contract…They don’t always know these people well…Likewise, when junior wants to spend the night at a friend’s house, the parents don’t usually sign contracts.

…On the flip side…schools and any professional groups, have their forms and contracts which must be signed…

I guess the question is…are we to be treated as a private matter, or as a…I don’t know…”professional” one?

The structure for behavioral standards, for intervention, for consequence…this already exists. The problem, is that it does not treat people like us, with the respect we deserve.

I am not going to make up, or meticulously type down a whole list of rules, agencies and such that “need to exist” in order to put everyones mind to rest…Maybe, I could produce a decent idea or two…but it would be speculation, at best.

We need a much better set of circumstances than what currently exists, in order to implement any of the technical specifics we might discuss right now. When that day comes, numerous steps will have occurred…our kind will be more visible and understood…and the various groups making up society, will have had probably decades to work out their differences, and learn to live with each other.

We don’t know that our kind will even be judged in the same eyes, when that day comes…We don’t know what society is going to be like, then.

I prefer to leave these kinds of micro details, to the minds of those living in a time…where some chance exists they might come to fruition.

Then again…maybe it is useful, for the purpose of winning some people over…Showing that at least we are trying, and that this kind of love can exist, in many social contexts…even our own, modern day.

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