It is about more than that…

Date: August 12, 2013

01) Parents Shmarents !!

[Note: Someone who calls themself “Blow Me”, took issue with my “Parents Must Be On Board” post.]

It is about more than that…

…and in case there is any question, I am an LBL [Little Boy Lover]…

From my perspective, we are not getting rid of the parents…And it would be ludicrous, for anybody to suggest that in this world, we can just sidestep the parents.

If you are a TBL [Teen Boy Lover], you may very well have a lot more “wiggle room”…

…It is not practical to think, that parents won’t come with the deal when you are an LBL.

On the flip side, this does not mean you have to be best buddies with the parents…But those parents do have a responsibility, to make sure that a BL isn’t some complete wack job who’s going to end up biting their sons dick off…or worse.

…Lets be sensible, here.

Sure, children should choose if they want it, and who they want it with…But we are not going to get rid of the parent factor…They are relevant characters in this.

Our introduction into their lives, changes the dynamics of their lives…both child and parents.

…You aren’t seriously going to deny, that they have a valid voice in all of this, are you?

Human relations demand mutual give and take…It’s not all just “take! take! take!”.

If you don’t understand this…Then you haven’t even begun to understand, what it takes to have intimate relations with other humans.

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