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Pope Francis On The Global Economy Model…

Date: September 22, 2013

01) Pope attacks global economics for worshipping ‘god of money’

“We don’t want this globalised economic system which does us so much harm. Men and women have to be at the centre (of an economic system) as God wants, not money.” — Pope Francis

Francis said globalization had brought with it a culture where the weakest in society suffered the most and often, those on the fringes “fall away”, including the elderly, who he said were victims of a “hidden euthanasia” caused by neglect of those no longer considered productive.

“To defend this economic culture, a throwaway culture has been installed. We throw away grandparents, and we throw away young people. We have to say no to [this] throwaway culture. We want a just system that helps everyone,” he said.

I think it is entirely fair to say…that the institutionalization of money into culture, has overwhelmingly raped most of the human species population out of any chance of peaceful and content living.

This money system has the majority of us working like dogs…like slaves…just to get more money, to hand over to somebody else…just for the bare “privilege” of having living essentials…like being able to live and stay somewhere…or food…shelter and transportation…none of which are luxury things, which you have a choice regarding…You are trapped into paying others, in the pursuit of these vital necessities…And often, not a thing is left over, if you even can afford adequate necessities at all. For many of us, those necessities we acquire are sub-par.

It is all just pay, pay, pay, pay, pay…and for an alarming number of us, it is going into debt…because you simply have nothing left to give…You’ve been pushed and pushed, worked to a breaking point where things just start giving out on you…And there is nothing you can do about it, or your deterioration…

This whole system is like some death spiral…You don’t even have anywhere to go, to get out of it…Where is the opportunity, to pull out of this?

It is nothing but a torturous treadmill…It strips everything out of you, and you yourself never actually get anywhere…There is nothing rewarding about this system…It is merely all about chasing and grasping after staying alive, while only a step or two ahead of death.

There are enormous resources on this planet…Many of them are free…if you can get to them, and somebody else has not monopolized them…There is no reason, why the basic needs of human life should be this painful and hard to acquire, for anybody…Yet, the money system [along with a culture of isolation and greed] has made it such.

An ugly truth, is that none of us owns anything on this planet which naturally exists here…not the land, not the water, not the animals, not the vegetation, not the air…Yet, many people hold these things hostage, and deny them to the rest unless they are able to pay a fee.

There is something extremely wrong and vile, with any system that produces staggering waste of resources…while at the same time allowing humans to starve and waste away…or to be turned into some defacto slave class…All so that people who already have far more, than they could ever have the time to figure out what to do with it, can gain still more…

Does it make the ultra wealthy honestly feel better seeing those extra zeros on their bank statements, when the ultimate impact of this gain is going to have utterly zero effect on their own lives and existence?…Is it all really, just a psychological ego trip?…Is that more important, than the lives and well being of others?…of the masses?

I have to agree with Pope Francis…And I have to say, that I pretty well like this pope…What I have seen of him so far, has impressed me. He gets it…He is of the people. He sees far more clearly, than most…which is a wonderful gift, for the catholic church…It is an inspiring evolution…One I welcome.

The global monetary system is rotten…It is killing the majority of us, and robbing us of our lives…

…What is so wrong, about having a system in place where the base needs of everybody are met?…where nobody has to endlessly worry about where the money is going to come from?…where people are simply allowed to be happy and content?…where the relentless stress is removed?..

…We could have that, if tiny minorities within our species did not believe they were entitled to own 90% of everything…or worse…