A few things that probably don’t warrant a mention, and one or two that do…


Date: October 11, 2013

…But, I wanted to post something anyway.

I am mostly just busy, working away on things like graphics…and the groundwork, on which I am going to base an import of the EQ Foundation, to Our Love Frontier…amongst several other websites, pages and projects.

The EQF website is going to be shutting down, and the resource is moving here. Ideally, I’d probably rather not have the EQF as a subsection of this blog [it really ought to be the other way around, since the EQF is the parent], but…I have not been properly maintaining the EQF website, and I don’t like some aspects of where it is hosted…so, I am moving it here.

Diamond Raw will eventually come back, the same way…but I’m undecided about the EQF Archive, which did not have a whole lot in it anyway…That one was more of a nostalgic shrine to the past…A walk down memory lane.

I am divorcing my activities from blog.com.

After a lot of personal consideration, I’ve decided to simply remove all links to my other blogs on blog.com. I am not going back there to publish…At most, that account will only be used for making comments on a few blogs at blog.com…And I don’t believe I even need it for that. I just wanted it to be known, that this removal was my own decision…I’ve been mulling it over for months…Nothing has forced my hand. I just believe it is time to cut from the past, and move on.

I’ll do something to revamp the links on the side, soon.


…Has some busybody been out there, tattle telling on me, for having accounts in which I engage in perfectly legal, perfectly ethical behavior?…

Apparently, I “no longer exist” on identi.ca…which is a sort of “twitter hybrid” type site…I had the account for four or five years…subscribed to a couple of newsgroups on it…didn’t really do anything with it, beyond that…In fact, I’m kind of hard pressed to say why I even bothered placing a link to it on the OLF links page…I guess, I wanted to give them a little bit of publicity…Oh well!…I can live without them.

We can chalk this one up in the “I don’t care” category.

Blip.tv…I can live without them, also…very comfortably, I might add.

Blip.tv has changed a lot since I first opened up that account…They used to be a YouTube clone, but they have been marginalizing a lot of their user base, and anymore they just want people who regularly [and more professionally] create a frequent show…like, daily, weekly, or at least once a month…Everything about their site, anymore, is tailored to pushing you to crank out a new episode…and they want the “high quality” content producers…Which pretty well alienates people like me [I am not going to produce a “television program”]. It appears for the last year or so, someone at blip.tv has roaming the database, looking for any excuse to purge users…Whether I got “flagged for closure” because I’ve uploaded nothing new for many years, or someone soiled themselves over “M.A. Today” episodes, I cannot say for sure…But I find it curious, they did not lock my account…and I have 30 days, in which to go download my content…Not that I need to…They’ve been archived safely away, for years…Though I deleted most of those files, the few left can still be viewed…So, obviously they weren’t terribly horrified at the idea of more people viewing those files…

…To whatever extent forcing a long time account holder [in good standing] out of their account can be considered “friendly”…they’ve actually been fairly cordial and considerate…and even invited me to submit content in the future, for their consideration…No abrupt closure/suspension…They’re notifying me so I can come and collect my videos…They’ve said nothing about me being banned from their site…and the few videos I did not delete, can still be watched by anyone…

I am not sure if this is “the velvet hammer”, someone who maybe is leaning towards being sympathetic to me and why I am doing what I do, but they decided they just can’t have politically incorrect content on their site anymore? …or, they really just want to dump inactive users and people who aren’t making “tv shows”.

Blip.tv was going to be an extra place to upload episodes of my podcast [when it gets underway]…They never said anything to me about deleting files…though I’ve been contemplating clearing out that account for a long time, especially prior to starting the podcast. I am not ashamed of the old content…I just wanted to start anew…clear out the old.

Overall, it was an unused account, that I wanted to recommission.

Truth be told, I could never log into that account without feeling lost…It is not a very intuitive website…In fact, I think the way they have their “list” players is outright awful…It was hard to figure out, and remember…They’ve also been really overbearing, when it comes to forcing commercials into videos…and I was honestly just not liking blip.tv much, anymore…So, when the e-mail arrived…I was completely at ease with this. I really kind of loathe navigation of their website…Given everything to consider, this is not even remotely worth fighting over.

I am happy to say, that we are in mutual agreement over this parting of ways…No hard feelings.

Probably the only thing I seriously want to get back online, is the tenth anniversary, 2008 IBLD video I made…That’s worth keeping online…Isn’t it?…

I will be on a search, for a replacement for blip.tv…I’d like to have a couple, maybe three video hosting sites of this kind, so I can spread out a bit…when one is down, people have alternatives to go to…And if someone wants to be a jerk at one, well…the others are still up.

One last note…

…I genuinely do not expect the tone or content of “Our Love Frontier” podcast episodes, to cause people to fly off into a tizzy, and flag my accounts. I am going to strive for as balanced, neutral and “all encompassing”, as I can reasonably manage…I think, some people may be surprised, at my vision for this…This time around, I am going to be very conservative on how much I “tell it like it is”, without apology…I don’t want anything threatening this project…least of all, any trigger happy person at a web hosting site…So, I am keeping this soundly in the realm of classy, sensitive and smart…

Last time around…I was at a place in my life where I was so frustrated, that I just wanted to start screaming my realities…for many of us, our realities…just so that I knew, somebody on this planet was out here speaking this lesser told truth in life…I don’t think what got produced was without merit…but, it was ultimately a far cry from what I really wanted to be doing…That is why, after my initial upload, I more less left my blip.tv account dormant…and I never went back to producing the old style of content.

This time around, it’s just going to be a lot different…Sure, I may highlight conversations from within the BoyLove and Girl-Love communities…I may discuss news stories of interest to those communities…I may even give personal opinions and observations, as a BoyLover…I might explain some of my views on man/boy love issues, even…But there will also be alternative viewpoints given, and serious discussion on issues which prohibitionists bring up…All in all, I expect to mostly focus on stuff, that is not even directly explicit to the taboo sexual minorities.

It can be kind of hard to tell, given that my posting level has been low [though if you read BoyChat, it probably shows]…I have not exactly come full circle [after everything, I likely never could return to where I was in 1998], but…I am really not the same as I was in 2006, when I just wanted to take the world by storm and had a real fire under me…That phase of my life is long over…for better or for worse…I just want to keep the content that came out of that era around, for posterity…and I think a lot of good content came out of that era…probably much of my best writing…my most vital and relevant writing…even if a lot of it was controversial…I am actually proud of that content. The collection is part of who I am…and I paid a heavy investment on multiple fronts, just to share it with the world. I hope there are enough people out there with the depth of perspective, to see and understand it for what it honestly is.

…In short…The “mellow Steve-D” has returned…but I’ve still got oodles and oodles of content from multiple eras of the past, to repost…So, there might be some “fire crackers” from the past, still getting posted today…Some of this content never got posted at all, previously…I’ll back date a lot of it, too…so…Maybe, I’ll reserve modern day posts for new material…And all my fans who just can’t get enough of me, can go digging through the past to find…well…all sorts of stuff…Some might appeal.

– Stevie

PS: I am on a very deliberate sabbatical from BoyChat…I suspect some people [ie: my friends at BoyChat] may wonder about this, especially as it has taken place in the shadow of a very deeply personal traumatic event and loss…and my last appearance on BoyChat [which I was not intending to have, at that juncture], I pretty well bit the head off of someone [they deserved it, but still] who was I guess attempting to console me in that dark moment…There is history and bad blood, and I just want this individual to stay on their side of the fence…They don’t get to do all that they have done to BoyChatters, just to turn around and act kind…and pretend that all is smoothed over…

Fact is…my tolerance quotient for people who hunker down on BoyChat, just to habitually and chronically behave as a black plague on the board, day after torturous day…week after torturous week…moth after torturous month…the people who are constantly behaving like turds, and abusive towards the BoyChat community…my tolerance quotient for you sorts, was depleted at least a year ago…

…I think “martyr with a cause” pretty well raped and strangled to death, whatever good natured leniency I had left in me, for you sorts…I cannot keep myself submerged in that kind of a toxic atmosphere, anymore…It is bad for me, on multiple levels…and with my health being what it is, I don’t need this stress, nor the anger that comes with it.

I will return to BoyChat, eventually…There is nothing permanent about my leaving…I just seriously need a break, from all the crap.

One huge plus, is that since I am not reading BoyChat…I can really focus on my blog.

Don’t worry about me not being around…If you miss me, you can always come here…and I am easy to contact.



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