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Stunted Horizons…

Date: November 29, 2013

01) Holding out hope

“A part of me doesn’t believe that a young prepubescent boy could ever desire a man or a teen.”

Nobody will ever conceive of anything, when they don’t even understand the possibility of it.

When presented an environment in which this sort of option is offered…genuinely explained, maybe even demonstrated, and offered…common sense and experience tell me, that some degree of even very young boys will be titillated by the prospect.

Even if they are not willing to take the offer…some number will physically and mentally crave the experience, in private.

This is the primary reason, why “authorities” hate children seeing graphic pornography, and learning all the physical possibilities of the human body…They might see something going on, which they want to try…and once they have tried, there is no looking back.

Do small boys look at grown men [or teens], and think to themselves they want to “have a hot time” with them?…Some might…but if they do, then they have already figured out a thing or two about “having a hot time”.

When you are that young…”having a hot time” isn’t about who is the sexiest…it is about who is both available and willing…and whether or not they make good company, for such a thing.

I am reminded of the age old story…in which many have accounted their first experiences of this sort…maybe it was with a close friend, or with someone they recently met…but being a kid, and going over to another kids house…Walking into it, one boy may not have had the first clue…He may have never looked at the other boy in “that way”, before…But, maybe a little bit of porn viewing [such as many boys actually do]…maybe a few probing suggestions…maybe a hand down the front of the pants…maybe a willingness to let it all progress, because this is fun…and the fact that he never had any intentions holds absolutely no weight, in the ensuing two and a half years of perpetually “having a hot time”.

Sure…one may not have foreseen it all, prior to the fact…but if one were fortunate enough to have had a “suck n fuck” buddy…in the larger picture, did that honestly matter?

The realities of human interaction, are generally a quite fuzzy line to travel.

The fact that what you describe is almost guaranteed not to happen…says more about the culture we live in, than it will ever say about the children in it.

On a personal note, from decades ago…I have actually seen and experienced very aggressive sexual advances, from two different kids [neither of which had reached puberty yet]…They had a thing going on between themselves, mind you…but on multiple different occasions, both of them made sexual passes at me…one repeatedly, over an extended period of time…I was likewise a kid, entering puberty…had previously never looked at either one of them in “that way”…and didn’t really think of myself as “being in the market”…But apparently, they each saw me as something a little different, to spice things up and experiment with…I wish I hadn’t been so uptight about it, because not much of anything really ended up happening.

You might suggest, that is not the same thing as a very young kid naturally wanting it with an adult…but I was still notably older and bigger, than the most aggressive of the two…which I think justifies some type of parallel.

Maybe it was a “lightning strike”…Maybe, I fell in with a couple of “freaks”…But one thing I explicitly know, is that the very young going after older people, is not at all impossible…I’d be denying my own life experience, by implying such a thing…

…Point is…there honestly is no accounting, for human sexuality itself…It can, and sometimes does, come from people and places you least expect.

An 8 Year Old’s Reaction To His Mother Telling Him She Is An Atheist…

Date: November 21, 2013

01) An 8 Year Old’s Reaction To His Mother Telling Him She Is An Atheist

“The mother in this video is picking up her son from church. Christian, the boy, goes almost every Sunday and Wednesday and he has done so since birth. His mother works on Sunday and Wednesday nights so he goes to church with his grandfather. The mother’s family is extremely religious, she obviously is not.

She didn’t expect her son to be almost brought almost to tears because she told him she didn’t believe in God anymore. The mother hasn’t told her father she is an atheist and she can’t say to him not to take the kid to church because he is already going and she can not afford a baby sitter.

The reason why the child is called Christian is because of a preference for that name expressed by his father.

She explained that Christian watches cartoons and videos on youtube, they read books on science from the library but he doesn’t believe we evolved from primates. She originally posted this video because she didn’t know how to fix the damage that has been done. He is in second grade in public school and they don’t even have science class yet. Christian sincerely thinks his mother is going to hell because she doesn’t go to church with him.

The woman in the video only recently decided she is an atheist . She doesn’t think it is right to tell him he can’t go to church because she doesn’t believe in a god. She went to Christian school her entire childhood so she does not have a science background. At college, she failed Biology twice before finally receiving a C and she still doesn’t fully understand the concept of Evolution. She however feels she knows enough to determine that it makes more sense than creation. Her problem is that she doesn’t know how to explain it to him and has trouble explaining to her song why she doesn’t believe anymore.

She originally posted the video because she wanted advice on how to deal with the situation and answers to his questions. She didn’t believe so many people would see it.”

Hard situation…It’s not the kid’s fault.

If dad and the grandparents immerse him into that type of atmosphere…it’s just something you have to deal with.

One idea, is that you might try to draw comparisons between your child pretend playing with friends, and what happens within the walls of a church…Start teaching them about social customs and rituals…symbolism…how a lot of it is about not so much literal reality, as gesture.

Walmart Holds Food Drive For Its OWN Employees…

Date: November 20, 2013

01) Walmart Holds Food Drive For Its OWN Employees

“A Walmart store in Canton, Ohio, is holding a food drive to benefit employees in need, leading some in the community to raise questions about the wages the company pays its workers.

The food drive boxes are not on display for customers, but rather are tucked away in an employee-only area — the food drive asks for donations from fellow employees to help out co-workers in need.

“That Walmart would have the audacity to ask low-wage workers to donate food to other low-wage workers — to me, it is a moral outrage,” one Walmart shopper told the Cleveland Plain Dealer.”* The Young Turks hosts Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian break it down.

*Read more here from Denver Nicks / Time:

It is very disconcerting…

Date: November 19, 2013

01) Gay son of child abuse campaigner kills himself

01) News Article

Brief Summary: Parents who run an “anti-abuse” campaign have a gay son, who is the victim of bullying. The son kills himself, after bypassing internet blocking software on his computer, and accessing a “how to” suicide website. The parents now want to ban “how to” suicide websites.

It is very disconcerting…

…whenever I learn about these types of cases, and instead of those involved looking inward…there is always something else “out there”, which is the culprit in need of being banned.

Suicide websites, however grim the subject may be…they are largely out there, for the benefit of those suffering with terminal illness. They are an offspring of the right to die movement.

Not to in any way minimize the tragedy of this boy’s death…but, in the aftermath of it…that is what stood out to me, in this article.

Suicide is complicated…the motives behind it…and finding a “how to” website is a very late stage in the process, for those who are dealing with depression and coping issues…What was going on with this boy, was certainly going on with him long before he sought out that sort of a website…and those are the sorts of things, that ought to be focused on.

For being so deeply involved in anti-abuse…one wonders how this could have gone on, right under the nose of such parents…Maybe they were fighting more for a “feel good” ideal, than for what was taking place right in front of them?

These cases are frustrating…You naturally want to afford sympathy over this horrible loss…yet at the same time, you want to tell them “Please don’t use your child’s corpse as a battering ram, to attack undeserving others with!”…

There is just so much ignorance in this world, and people looking for anybody or thing to lay blame upon…I am so very tired of it.

Kicking others in the teeth, by banning their ability to seek free information [when in need of it, and when lack of it may cause extreme suffering], will do nothing to address the underlying issues that made this boy want to kill himself in the first place.

It will just make more groups, with real and passionate issues, angry at the crusaders…

…I wonder how many crusaders, will ever learn this reality…And how many will come to understand, that you cannot manipulate everything and everyone you feel “a right to”, in the pursuit of your own limited ideals…

…It just causes more problems, and the crusaders become the bullies of some other group…We have too many people on this planet causing too many problems, as it is.

Dialogue with the Bereaved…

Date: November 19, 2013

A few personal thoughts on just how complicated and hard it is, to set down and have meaningful conversation, with those who’ve had a child killed, etc…This strongly ties in, with the divide between parents and pedosexuals.

These are very delicate issues, when dealing with circumstances where a child has been lost…

…which makes things all the more complicated, from that fine line being walked…the one that separates the volatile sides of emotional parents of an injured or dead child, and those groups in the “Enough already! Stop It!!” camp, who find themselves being relentlessly bashed, degraded and injured by an endless onslaught…you know, the ones who are sick to death of being unjust collateral damage.

It’s a messy bomb of emotions, deep seeded long held anger and having suffered grave injustice…on both sides…which can easily blow up, in everybody’s face.

Sometimes, I wonder about how exactly to approach these sorts of people, or how to respond to them beyond just sympathies and in a way that promotes positive change. I think for a vast majority, whatever they have experienced functions as a paralysis…Many of them will never see beyond it…Many of them will hold onto their pain and bitterness, looking for anything or anyone to take out their emotions onto.

…And they are protected, elevated and encouraged in their victimhood…by the masses…”They deserve what they demand”…”Their child deserves it”…And somehow, unwitting victims “do not deserve protection from this unchecked rage”.

I wonder if the irony is honestly lost…that for all the cocooning and extreme degrees people will go to, in the name of protecting children…they are raising those exact same children so sheltered, just to turn around and drop them into this world they have created…where these same former children will become sacrificial lambs, should they be so unfortunate to get in the way/focus of “child protection” groups.

It’s a very vicious cycle, from what I see.

Income Inequality Targeted By Incoming Fed Chair…

Date: Nov 15, 2013

01) Income Inequality Targeted By Incoming Fed Chair

“At her Senate confirmation hearing on Thursday, Janet Yellen, the nominee to replace Ben Bernanke as chair of the Federal Reserve after he steps down from his current term, discussed the rising trend of income inequality and the threat it poses to the economy.

“This is a very serious problem, it’s not a new problem, it’s a problem that really goes back to the 1980s, in which we have seen a huge rise in income inequality… For many, many years the middle and those below the middle [have been] actually losing absolutely. And frankly a disproportionate share of the gains, it’s not that we haven’t had pretty strong productivity growth for much of this time in the country, but a disproportionate share of those gains have gone to the top ten percent and even the top one percent. So this is an extremely difficult and to my mind very worrisome problem.”

She noted that there are many causes for rising income inequality, pointing to technology, globalization, and the decline of unions.”* Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz, John Iadarola and Wes Clark Jr break it down on The Young Turks.


In 2019…I am back posting this video…and, yes…politicians are mostly still sitting on their arses…dragging their feet…and trying to keep this status in place, as things have gotten obscenely worse…

This exact same problem festers on.

The Elevation of Cyber Bullying…

Date: November 11, 2013

I’ve had this dreaded sense for a while now, that cyber bullying is likely to be the next assault on internet freedom, following in the footsteps of hate speech.

Of course, there are people with character deficiencies, who do engage in deeply abusive behavior against a chosen target online…The question as I see it, is whether the facts we know about this issue warrant the popular style of response, being sold by so many.

As unpopular as it may be to say this…”cyber bullying suicides” could be the next big social red herring.

Again, this sort of thing may be real…What we don’t know, is that it is even remotely typical…What we do know, is that suicide is the culmination of a range of factors…A person being a jerk to someone else online, is not going to cause that person to kill themselves, unless their behavior was just the last straw, and a catalyst which gave them that extra nudge at a pivotal point. But if they ever seriously considered killing themselves, then there has been far more going on in their lives, than some nasty messages over the internet.

It troubles me…that instead of focusing on the inoculation of “the weak”, and helping them to grow thicker skin and rise above it…so many seem more intent, on building a social cocoon…And what does this mean?…What are we going to criminalize, next?…comments that aren’t nuanced enough with sensitivity?

…A couple of hours ago I was driving home, listening to the radio…I don’t recall who, but a female writer [reporter, I think she was] was on…being interviewed about an article she wrote.

Coincidentally, it was dealing with teen suicides from cyber bullying…and she talked about a few recent cases [including, I believe, the young girl who jumped to her death]. In one, she talked about the response of a Sherif towards one of the accused cyber bullies…and how he said he would pursue charges against her, because he “could not just leave her out there, to do this to someone else”…In doing such, she pointed out how this sheriff was elevating likely typical teenage antics, to the level of being on par with substantive assault…and how this was indicative, of the way people are mentally empowering this type of behavior…When rightfully, it should never hold that degree of weight, at all.

She went on to talk about how this type of behavior, and worse [like physical violence amongst kids], has been going on all along…and wrong as that behavior may be…what we do know, is that kids overwhelmingly get through it…Those who turn to suicide, did not do it because there was one bully [or a group of them], who would not leave them alone…They did it because of a variety of reasons, that added up and pushed them in that direction.

I found it interesting, how she pointed out that the sheriff’s reactions showed a real disconnect, from the broader understanding of this issue…As if he thought humans are so simplistic, that a singular source of abuse can cause an otherwise healthy mind to resort to suicide.

At any rate…It was elevating the power of that abuse, even if only in a conceptualized manner…Something about that is just wrong.

Cyber bullies should be delegated to the meaningless corner, in which they belong…

No, I am not foolish enough to believe a cyber bully cannot reach beyond the internet, and warrant legal intervention…But most cyber bullying is just idiots being idiots.

Enders Game…


The Ratings System Explained

Date: November 10, 2013

01) I went for Asa

Figuring this would possibly be the last time I’d see Asa Butterfield in anything, where he might still tickle my fancy…I could not miss this movie.

In some regards, watching this movie was like my experience with “Sin City”…The pace was breakneck speed, and there was always something going on, on the screen…So, I never exactly got bored [at least not the first couple of hours, of “Sin City”, as things started nearing the three hour mark my demeanor was enormously different]…but I never got to any point where I liked the movie…or could ever see myself recommending it to anybody.

Actually, “Enders Game” fairs a bit better because it does not overstay its welcome…Yet, I never found myself getting into the story…It is way too incredulous…poorly presented…

Visually, the movie is great…but there is almost [if not literally] zero character development…The characters are painfully shallow…The sequence of events is violently rammed down your throat, leaving you no time to really digest it…

It seems, battle school was a “military basic training” that lasted all of about…a week?…less?…and consisted of implausible promotions and evolutions for Ender, at a rapid pace that made no sense. There was no true sense of growth, development or earned status, that was ever communicated in this movie. While I’m willing to accept a lot of backstory was left untold…I am not willing to suspend all common sense, to accept a guy acting like Enders mean drill sergeant on day one is saluting him with respect “ten days later” [or whatever it was supposed to have been].

I don’t care if these kids were supposed to have been “geniuses”…even a genius is not perfect at everything, and has to develop themselves for a time, before they are ready for something. Being a “genius” does not make you a total package of perfection. “Geniuses” have plenty enough flaws, but this movie doesn’t seem to realize it, instead going with the “engineered soldier” theme…”They were made for doing this, therefore they will”.

“Battle school” seemed ridiculous and senseless, in light of the fact that it had utterly nothing to do with the war they were waging, at the end of the movie…Ender barks commands, and all the rest engaging with some sort of computer interface…all done remotely, far away from the actual battle…How this ties in with floating in space, shooting freeze guns, is beyond me…and seems a terribly irresponsible waste of time, given that the human species is allegedly under threat of extermination.

The movie is a tragic mess…and while I may like a movie that does not answer everything…this movie just drops the ball, over and over.

…It’s like they thought they could dazzle the audience visually, and just sort of lead you through a sequence of scenes…and this would somehow add up to a satisfying movie.

Despite its deep flaws…I did not hate this movie…but I did not like it, either.

I do understand, a lot of these elements were deeply explored in the books [and even lasted years in the timeline, from what I hear]…but throwing them together like they did in this movie…the movie itself simply does not work.

This movie would have benefited from designated timeline earmarks, to at least smooth together the content…if not a montage, or two…As it stands, it flows like a story told over the span of eight to ten days…and that might be a generous estimate.

I really should add a couple of things here, which I meant to include in this response…but I ended up kicking myself over it, once I’d already clicked the “post” button…and realized, I had entirely failed to express what follows…

I don’t like to post a response to myself on BoyChat, adding in whatever I forgot to say…So, I almost always just let it stand as is…and if somebody else gives me a reason, then I may add more for clarification…but, anyway…

I’ve been an admirer of Asa Butterfield, for a number of years…I outright loved him in Hugo, and thought it was a cinema tragedy, that this movie did not get its just due.

One of my biggest regrets, is that Asa has been so “absent” from the screen over the years…Or, he has been harder to find, I should say…I realize, he has been busy…and was thrilled to discover him in Merlin…but I am hard pressed to really list many roles played by him.

Asa is very, very talented…and my words regarding Enders Game, were made with absolutely zero intention of reflecting back upon the performance of Asa…or any other actor in that movie, for that matter.

I felt the acting ranged from strong to entirely competent…There was not a bad performance, that I saw. I feel, every actor did well…working with whatever they actually had to work with…For some, it was painfully little.

Whatever scorn I have for Enders Game, is not aimed at the actors…It is aimed at the people who put this thing together, and made the horrible decisions that were bound to guarantee…this thing was going to be a flop…You are not going to tell me that they were so naive, that what they decided to release…they thought it was worthy of blockbuster status [It was going to have to be, in order to recoup its budget and make profit]…I do not buy that.

Hollywood has been searching for “a new Harry Potter”…Meaning, they’ve desperately wanted a new series of phenomenally popular movies, that would be something like the Harry Potter franchise…They’ve been saying this for years…Hugo was one such attempt, based upon a series of books [ala Harry Potter]…and it honestly deserved to be made into a fully fleshed out series…I would have loved to have seen that…But, probably bad marketing…maybe bad timing for a release…Somehow, this wonderful movie got ignored…and the studio bailed on all plans for the franchise…

That sucks my friendsThat sucks!

I for one, also…would love to see a new movie series, with excellent production and cast…with a young cast [ala Harry Potter]…being produced…but, no…It seems like every time they put out a decent movie of this kind [Hugo, The Golden Compass], the audience drops the ball…they don’t go to see it, so the studio abandons the franchise…If that is not the case, then they spend obscene amounts of cash on the movie [Enders Game], backing it into a corner where it has to do extremely well…Then when it does not, the studio abandons the franchise…

…One wonders, if they are actually ever going to get a new series of movies off the ground, at this rate…

Personally, I think it has been great that Asa has been afforded these opportunities…He is a very talented actor…One of the best, of his generation…And I see no reason, why he should not be in the lead role, of such a franchise series…But now, after this debacle…Asa has been saddled with “big budget flop” number two…

This was not his fault…but what do you suppose his odds are, at being given a third chance?…Likely pretty grim.

…Which is why I am fairly sharp in my criticism, of how this movie was made…

Truth be told, I actually left the movie theater feeling about as unmoved one way or the other about this movie, as is possible…I was not bored by it, but it was a mess in to many ways…and did not have enough to it to honestly make me like it…[Eye candy is generally not enough for me, especially in a science fiction movie]…

…I knew this would not be enough of a movie, to warrant further installments…and that was a substantial let down, in my eyes.

…I was rooting for this movie, and optimistic walking into the theater…The end product was just too weak…I kept watching and waiting, for that moment that would pull me into the movie…and it never came [maybe I missed it, when I had to go pee?]…Then the anticlimactic ending took place…and I was left thinking…”…Okay?…”…

My parallel with Sin City really fits here…because I left the theater, not entirely knowing what to even make of what I just spent two hours watching.

There were some good things about the movie [actors and visual]…But the sum of the total parts, could not make a good movie.

It is a shame, because even though this was clearly weaker than Hugo…I once again would have liked to have seen this go forward.

Enders Game is a good example…of why it is better to tell a story of limited scope well, than to tell a larger story badly…They should have never tried to cram so much stuff, into a mere two hours.



October 22 – National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality…

Date: November 03, 2013

01) October 22 – National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality

“The October 22nd Coalition to Stop Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation has been mobilizing every year since 1996 for a National Day of Protest on October 22nd, bringing together those under the gun and those not under the gun as a powerful voice to expose the epidemic of police brutality. “

02) Zombie Bill CISPA, 500 Innocent People Murdered By Police

Interesting content.