Dialogue with the Bereaved…

Date: November 19, 2013

A few personal thoughts on just how complicated and hard it is, to set down and have meaningful conversation, with those who’ve had a child killed, etc…This strongly ties in, with the divide between parents and pedosexuals.

These are very delicate issues, when dealing with circumstances where a child has been lost…

…which makes things all the more complicated, from that fine line being walked…the one that separates the volatile sides of emotional parents of an injured or dead child, and those groups in the “Enough already! Stop It!!” camp, who find themselves being relentlessly bashed, degraded and injured by an endless onslaught…you know, the ones who are sick to death of being unjust collateral damage.

It’s a messy bomb of emotions, deep seeded long held anger and having suffered grave injustice…on both sides…which can easily blow up, in everybody’s face.

Sometimes, I wonder about how exactly to approach these sorts of people, or how to respond to them beyond just sympathies and in a way that promotes positive change. I think for a vast majority, whatever they have experienced functions as a paralysis…Many of them will never see beyond it…Many of them will hold onto their pain and bitterness, looking for anything or anyone to take out their emotions onto.

…And they are protected, elevated and encouraged in their victimhood…by the masses…”They deserve what they demand”…”Their child deserves it”…And somehow, unwitting victims “do not deserve protection from this unchecked rage”.

I wonder if the irony is honestly lost…that for all the cocooning and extreme degrees people will go to, in the name of protecting children…they are raising those exact same children so sheltered, just to turn around and drop them into this world they have created…where these same former children will become sacrificial lambs, should they be so unfortunate to get in the way/focus of “child protection” groups.

It’s a very vicious cycle, from what I see.

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