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I Want to Know…

Date: December 24, 2013

01) BoyChat Thread

02) Why I Cannot Blame Russia and India for Taking on the Gays

…What is with all of this obsession with anal sex, by those who disapprove of homosexuals?…

They don’t like it, fine…I get that…but what is with the broad spanning implications, that young children are being subjected to anal sex by older men as a matter of course?

It was not explicitly stated…but I would suggest it is strongly implied by the inclusion of the “sodomy of a nine year old boy” reference…that the author has tied a very uncommon occurrence [a smaller boy being anally penetrated by a grown man], with common homosexual behavior…

I don’t know…maybe in the history of the world [in a running total], a lot of nine year old boys have experienced anal sex like that…But aside from the rhetoric of people and groups dead set against homosexuals, I’ve never seen anything supporting this…I have never encountered credible statistics, that put this act as anything but an extreme rarity…Certainly nothing that homosexuals should be known for.

I do have to agree with the author, however…that the LGBT by inflicting its domination of social speech, has become its own monster…And it also debases itself, because it refuses to confront genuine complicated issues about itself…including the bad…

If you cannot acknowledge your own warts…you lack credibility…And people do need to care enough about each other, to be honest…even if that means taking the hard knocks.

Just an interesting note…

03) Explicitly stated elsewhere

“I followed a couple of links.. he goes on and on about the subject. – slvrspun”

04) LINK [page gone]

“The important point for our purposes is that LGBT lobbyists said this wouldn’t happen, and it did. A clear trend is breaking.”

López offers this in response to the judgment on a polygamy case…

…I just hope he is aware, that polygamists represent an entirely different group from LGBT…and that LGBT can neither speak for polygamists, nor dictate their future endeavors…

It does not matter what the LBGT has to say…They may not themselves be campaigning on behalf of others…but that does not stop those others, from fighting for their own rights.

Same thing can be said about other groups, like us…

…LGBT have not got a single authoritative thing to dictate, about us…nor our future horizons…Nor can the LGBT offer any assurance, as to what will happen in the wake of their own liberation…

In all fairness, no group should ever have to have its own freedom, weighed against the behavior [or intent] of a different group of people. If what they seek can be soundly defended, then they should not have to worry about others, who want things that cannot be soundly defended.

The problem here is the employment of “slippery slope”, by López…

I think we could largely get rid of “slippery slope” mentality, if we could get the majority to honestly focus on the nature of relationships, as opposed to the fears and propaganda about them.

I should say…

It actually did come through from the original article, that he had had a history of homosexual relationships, and for whatever reason, he now regrets it.

…I did pick up on the “I was abused” vibe…

I still don’t see where he as a teenager doing that sort of thing, equates to giving so much emphasis to “nine year old boys taking it up the butt”…Maybe, I am reading too much into his first article?

I guess I could be going too far, in his case…maybe…

…I just get so tired of the trend, watching other people march straight to the “little boys are being raped in the behind” well…and acting as though “half the population” has their dick in a small boy, at any given moment in time.

It is incredibly tasteless to me, when people go there…Would it be too strong of me, admitting I find it offensive also?

‘Victims’ of Gay Penis?…

05) He makes a half-assed case, of sorts

06) Unbearable Sleaziness of Being (a Gay Man) [another deleted post]

He does sound like he has some issues, yes…and I am less than compelled, by the long, winding labyrinth he presents.

He is still talking about teenagers…and not smaller boys, from what I see.

Maybe he had the sex, and just kept having the sex…but he didn’t really like it?…Maybe, he was never a [natural] bottom?

I can definitely say that sounds dreadful…but it also feels like a lot of personal projection.


Date: December 24, 2013

01) Link

“By not having a name, you close off your difference and identity. It’s not just a label, it’s a description.”

True…I’ve often wondered how it would exactly help us, by giving up the use of words like “pedophile”.

If we don’t have anything to coherently discuss our own issues, then how do we support each other?…or even find each other? Community support and organization is thrown straight out the window…except, maybe, for very vague expressions of it.

…but sometimes, we need to have the specialized focus…I mean, some of us actually are exclusive BoyLovers [pedophiles, as well]…and empathetic, sound advice does not just come from anybody at all…nor does genuine understanding, of our more unique issues.

Likewise…I don’t see how abandoning words like “pedophile” will help…because the social hysterics surrounding the phantom named “pedophile”, took on a life of its own decades ago…

…In fact, it is explicitly because of the extreme excesses of said social hysterics…that some of us [myself included] have been pushed out of complacency, taking a more public stance against those extreme excesses.

I honestly don’t see us being quiet or going into hiding, as an option…Social hysteria feeds off of itself, and has a tendency to just keep getting worse by its own initiative. Doing nothing and saying nothing, is being complacent…all in the face, of social behavior which is causing a lot of turmoil and suffering…and a cultural state I find impossible to live in, without letting it be known just how badly it exasperates [and some days infuriates] me.

What I envision under the various words we use to describe ourselves [“pedophile” being one of them]…is a very large community that comes together, grows and builds a support structure…One that finally stands up for itself, and for it’s own basic dignity and right to exist…I envision a day, where we can openly state who we are, what we are, how we are…share genuine experience, wisdom and advice amongst ourselves…and even with the world, at large.

One practical outgrowth of this, might be a resource like BoyChat [or even face-to-face fellowships]…where those who are in need of advice [maybe just relationship advice, of any nature that is common to us], can benefit from those amongst us more experienced…maybe even like a father to a son, or a mother to a daughter…It is the same concept, of passing on knowledge.

This is a patently human thing…and it should never be forced to exist in hiding, nor expressed openly only under euphemisms.

…We have a right to our own identities…a right to finding and sharing, good things about ourselves, and about those we share commonalities [and our lives] with.

…It has been amongst the worst mass psychological rapes in history…that anybody at all, has been able to make individuals like us ever believe otherwise…A vast many of us carry the burdens and sufferings of their definitions…And those are shackles, which really must be cast off.

It is more than just one group with issues…

Date: December 21, 2013

01) Get the word “love” out of it

Is this actually about changing the name, slogan, creed [or whatever] of BoyChat?

Would that be good enough, or do you just want every one of us with experiences and opinions “too controversial”, to disappear and never be seen again?

See…this is one of the colossal problems I have, with those amongst us who have appointed themselves to the pursuit of hounding “the undesirables amongst us” back into the shadows, and sweeping them under the rug…

…It is all fine and wonderful that you wish to focus primarily on youth rights…and I would even agree, that we have a deficit in that sort of openly expressed mindset here…There is, however, a glaring issue which is being ignored by those who want everybody here to be sanitized and “pre-approved” in their expression…

Youth rights are vital and important…but there are more issues concerning us, than simply youth rights. Our own social struggles and maintaining our own sense of community and support, are every bit as vital and important, to a great many of the people that flock to BoyChat and consistently return here.

Everything here may not be flattering and pretty…and you know what?…I get embarrassed by BoyChat sometimes, given my own connection with this place, and how some people chronically behave here in foul [sometimes nasty and cruel] ways…But I refuse to blame the people who are forced to live in an insane world of shit, for deriving a little bit of pleasure and sanctuary by posting YouTube links here, or ranting their frustrations here, or sharing their philosophies on our sexuality, or taking a bit of pride in who they are, or…or…or…or expressing what has already been said here, a quazillion times previously…Sometimes, it [the community in general] even comes off way too juvenile for my mood at the moment…

BoyChat has warts…Yes, that is true…But it serves a unique purpose, centered around the needs of BoyLovers. BoyChat is not meant for general public consumption. Just because of this fact, it does not mean that BoyChat should go away or cease being what it is…If so, what then?…send all of us back into the dark net, to do whatever it is isolated and unaccountable people like us with little hope are inclined to do, when we think nobody is watching?

Whether people here are prepared to put their own needs back into the closet and pursue youth rights, or not…we should be pleased that BoyChat exists, even if only as a pressure valve….and as a focal point, attracting people who might evolve towards some focused agenda in our favor [and that of youth, children and others].

Given the harsh extremes we live under…we are bound to find an echo of those extremes, reflected in our own responses to them.

For many of us…and I include myself in this…BoyChat has always been a personal endeavor…and about finding myself and finding a meaning in my own life, as a BoyLover. It has been about focusing on BoyLovers and our unique personal and social issues…not about signing up to champion every possible angle, in fighting the obstacles standing in the way of our liberated sex lives…I have enough knowledge and trust, in the fact that there are others of us out there doing that already.

We should not pretend that the focus of BoyChat and that of youth rights, are in conflict…These two camps [and “campaigns”] overlap…but they still focus on very important groups and their issues.

Just because some want to focus only on the one, does not mean that it is okay to neglect the other…And that goes both ways…Our needs and struggles as BoyLovers do not cease to be, just because some people don’t want to acknowledge them…or wish they were out of sight.

I just want to close this with one last thought…

…The BoyLove, Girl-Love, Minor Attraction, Youth Attraction, whatever you want to call it…these communities have a colossal amount of inner work and construction to be done, in order to even be viable as something which can interact with liberated youth rights…

…If those of you who are turned off by this process, do not even want to allow this often messy process to commence and sort itself out…then there is honestly no free world where youth can choose their sexual companions [which would include people like us], to be hoped for.

…After being shunted off into the shadows, as usual…we will remain every bit as disorganized and “uncultured”…likely even worse off, for the continued isolation…And what then?…A thriving and healthy youth rights movement, that openly wants nothing to do with us, because nothing has changed for the better in our own communities?

…Maybe then, you can start to focus on the true work and attention that minor attracted communities sorely need…while some counter movement, gets to the undertaking of eroding the youth rights advancements you’ve achieved.

I wonder…if the two [or, multiple, honestly] groups ever have any real chance, of meeting in a time and place of mutual social equality, given the manner in which at least one will remain severely shackled and stunted.

I think…those of you who focus primarily on youth rights are doing great work…But I also know from experience, that a lot of you are not seeing the larger picture.

No…Life is not all about sex, and social dynamics can skew the conversation towards sex, because sex is forbidden…and we often focus on those things, which are missing in our lives…

…You are correct, if you say that it sets us up to be seen, unintentionally, as “obsessed with sex”…And most outsiders don’t understand, everything which pushed us into this corner…

…But even you have acknowledged, have you not, that without sexual liberation, youth rights [as well as our own rights] do not sincerely exist?

Getting frustrated because everybody else around BoyChat is not in the same place you are emotionally, psychologically and strategically, will only serve to isolate yourself and degrade the atmosphere.

I implore people [including outside onlookers] to understand BoyChat fills a real need, for real people who don’t have a lot of alternatives. There is substantial utility in what happens [there]…and unless there is something happening causing demonstrable and concrete injury, then people should let it be.

02) LINK

Hello, again…

I was simply offering some thoughts from a different viewpoint, and really don’t have intent of getting into a long exchange with anyone.

“In a witchhunt situation, the better solution out might be to make the argument that there are no witches, or that there is a little of the witch in all humans, rather than start a “pedophile and proud” movement.”

I shall reflect on this…as there is wisdom in it…Though I’d hesitate to suggest that we are all in a “pedophile and proud” movement…For some of us, it’s just an “I’m human, too” movement.

“For example, on more than one occasion, people here have tossed out definitions of comrade “boylovers” that could include John Wayne Gacy.”

Badly phrased posts, or even just posts that lack entirely comprehensive acknowledgement of every single scenario imaginable, are pretty common on the internet. Are you sure you are not being a bit unfair, reading things into posts which were never even thought of, let alone meant, by the original poster? Those kinds of posts require a bit of lenient common sense…Which, sadly, some around here are very stingy with.

In addition…it is entirely possible [and intellectually sound], to acknowledge that some people who do heinous things are biologically BoyLovers…Meaning, they have the physical attractions and inclinations, of so many of the rest of us here. And at the same time, it is entirely possible to condemn the heinous act.

It is further possible, for someone with understanding of what this existence is like and empathy for others living it…to make an allowance for all that person has previously been put through…not absolve them of responsibility for their actions…but acknowledge that things beyond their control really screwed up their lives, and they eventually snapped…They mentally broke under their circumstances…Where as, if they were like most people…it is much less likely they would have.

…If he had had a solid support structure…conceivably, even John Wayne Gacy could have been a wonderful BoyLover…

…unless we presume that he naturally got off on torturing, raping and murdering…and that was his thing…And now that I think on it, I do believe that is part of what he became…But was it always that way, with him? Could there have been a substantive intervention? Is it not worth considering, that in a different setting he might have been a credit to the world, having not done what he did, but something entirely different and good?

A lot of people we might otherwise recognize as BoyLovers, do go astray…and they have many pressures, which push them astray.

I myself do not believe we are entirely justified, in throwing these people to the wolves and fully disowning them, when so much about this world has failed them.

Some BoyLovers have done extremely messed up things…The big question here is, does that mean they lose their status as a BoyLover?

Now…if, as I suspect…you are of the mind to treat being a BoyLover, as being defined by a relationship ideal…then I can certainly understand, where what you accept is much more narrow in scope.

For the record…I look upon BoyLove in this latter sense…but a lot of people are uncomfortable with such a distinction, and think it alienates people who are biologically predisposed to be like us [which some think is the definition of who we are]. I cant entirely disagree with the discomfort, over such a complicated and disputed question…but I can agree, that the ultimate actions for which Gacy will forever be known, should not be seen as “part of being a BoyLover”…and that observation can be extended, to the actions of various people…not just Gacy.

Two last things…

…I don’t see how what I [or people like me] have done, has come at any expense to boys. On the contrary…I think fighting to infuse some degree of honesty and level headedness into the world, maybe even helping to support the mental stability of others who are like me, can only act to help the fate of boys in this world.

Last…Of course, we don’t have millions of people here at BoyChat…How could we?…But this is one place where a community has flocked, for well in excess of a decade and a half…If you want to point out that it is not an enormous group, you are free too. It is still a community, which has meant a great deal to a lot of us who have been here.

03) LINK

Date: December 22, 2013

…You do apply ethical and behavioral standards, to the actual definition of BoyLover…

I certainly would not imply that is wrong…as I think it is common sense, when you take on such relationships, you assume certain responsibilities…and you need to treat other people right.

While I am not one of them…I can say, there are some people who very strongly object, to defining a BoyLover in terms of ethical responsibilities…or standards of conduct.

I can understand this on one hand…because we can easily get into splitting fine hairs, with this…And it could alienate others, who maybe aren’t living the best of lives…but maybe they just haven’t found themselves yet, come to terms and settled down yet…Maybe, they’ve never even conceived, things could be different from how they’ve been told they are…because they’ve never been exposed to anything else?…Is it fair to disqualify, those who have never had the epiphany?

…I also think there is a danger in disowning people like us, who do bad things…Because I believe their bad actions, are a symptom of the bad circumstances we are forced to live under. We should not represent ourselves, as being above this reality of life…Instead, we should be angry about it…and fighting to change things, because of it.

There is also the question, of what exactly is “bad behavior”…which is fairly easy to point out, with Gacy…but often more ambiguous and nuanced in the details, when considering a more common situation…

I am the last person here, who is going to claim a brief sex fling, an act of prostitution, or a one night stand between a man and a boy is at all ideal, or to be sought after…I would not even call it responsible…But humans being humans, and every experience being its own…even if it is based primarily in lust…I cannot stand in judgment, dictating that a respectful sexual encounter between a man and a boy, which has no possibility of going anywhere, and maybe even is an act of prostitution, was not the act of a genuine BoyLover.

…In fact, I find myself being more empathetic, due to the circumstances which make that sort of thing far more likely, than an attempt at a full blown relationship [which is almost guaranteed disaster].

In adapting to the environment around us…people seek what they need, in manners based strongly on how they are treated and whatever is available…If it is a bad environment, then options and outcomes are often not so good…And that really is not the fault of the individual.

I think…the focus should always be on changing the environment, to encourage better choices…while not forgetting that humans are still humans, and they have needs…one of the most primal, being sexual intimacy. If such a thing is denied, outright…we only have bad [or less optimal] outcomes, to expect…And some of those outcomes, are genuine social problems.

“Fifty Years” of No Success? (Narrated)…


Date: December 15, 2013

01) Virtual Pedophiles Summary of Viewpoints

This selection from “In Self Defense: The Life and Times of An Atheist BoyLover…Memoirs and Ethos”, has been narrated by Rocco White. Please enjoy the listen, or read along if you like…or need to.

“Activist pedophiles have been fighting this battle for more than fifty years. Many are eloquent. Many are clever. They have had no success.”

You know…I am not opposed to VP doing their own thing…but I have just got to take exception, whenever anybody [especially amongst “our own kind”] sums up the roots of this movement as “fifty years of no success”…

As to the “fifty years of failed activists”…

This may not seem like much…but I, for one, am grateful to those “failures”, and indebted for the “fifty years of failed wisdom” some of them have imparted upon me…giving me some meaning of not just personal identity…but self worth, and a vision of having a rightful place in this world.

If that is a “failure”…then I will consider it a privilege, to go set with “the failures”…

The “radicals” have done more for me on a personal level, than anybody else in any branch of this movement.

You can argue that maybe it hasn’t been much…But I would argue, it has meant everything, and it has been one of the most substantive enrichments of my life from any source at all…

As a recovering Baptist, who long ago left religion [and theism, also]…I would even rank what I gained from this movement, above whatever demonstrably good influences religion once might have brought into my life.

What I have today, is hope and a sense of self worth…In no small part, this is thanks to “the failures”.

For all the stones that are so, so, so easy to throw at these incredible people, who have lived as social and political punching bags much of their lives…there is so much more depth and wisdom, which they have given to the world…Those who don’t see it, are either blind or boldly in denial [and just because this may describe most of society, does not mean that we should side with them, in their ignorance and wrongfulness].

I don’t see taking the stand that they took, as being a failure…Even if you never get anywhere, or you even go down in a blaze…for the love of everything that is good and decent, somebody needs to stand up for unpopular truth when nobody else will.

So maybe it has been “fifty years” of spinning our wheels…but 200 years from now [500?…750?…1000?], when history is looking back on our long and storied struggle…and maybe even some of our writings, recordings and other productions have survived, in the record archives…I’d be willing to wager, that a substantial number of people will be grateful, to “the failures” who selflessly put themselves on the line, and kept the fight alive in pursuit of the better world future generations will be living in…even when “the failures” knew they had little hope, of seeing this new world themselves.

These “failures”, are the most true of heroes this movement has ever seen, or ever will see.

Even if that future vision sounds overly optimistic…I will still vouch for the success of these alleged “failures”. In my eyes, from my vantage point…they have been successful in one of the most meaningful of pursuits, known by all oppressed minorities…passing forward our own social identity, wisdom and history, so that it is not lost.



“Rape Culture”: What Do You Think?…


Date: December 14, 2013

…A plea for a paradigm shift away from America’s rape culture…

…A plea for a paradigm shift away from America’s rape culture…

Note: I don’t consider sexually overbearing behavior [ie: unwanted repeat advances] to be appropriate. Such does not fit into my own code of ethics. I interpret what is described in the linked article, as a byproduct of a culture which isolates and ill equips people of various sexual inclinations, to successfully navigate social relationships…but I want to stress that I am very sympathetic to the complicated circumstances described in the linked article…And I do not want to dismiss or devalue the authors own pain and conflict, in any way. Though I don’t necessarily mean this in the exact same way that others might expect…I find it tragic, that her circumstances found no satisfactory resolution. What follows is not even addressing her personal experience [an account which could make for some deep discussion, no doubt]…but it responds to the increased, broad reaching usage of the term “rape culture”.

“Rape Culture” is a terminology which I more frequently keep running into these days.

Maybe, after a lifetime of witnessing the relentless bludgeoning on male sexuality…and on many forms of sexuality thought to be unconventional…maybe I am just completely sick to death, with the “finger wagging” language…with those accusatory labels thrown about all too liberally, with little care for nuance or level headed honesty and fairness…Maybe I am just predisposed to revulsion towards anything so far reaching, as to dictate an entire culture [or behavior in human sexuality] “a facet of rape”…

…Maybe I have been run dry of tolerance, for those words and behaviors which no longer simply allow humans to harmlessly be humans, without working to sully, degrade, injure and shame them in their humanity?…

…but I see the term “rape culture” as being little more than extreme hyperbole…Just another thing to be clubbed over the head with, for being “too perverted” for somebody else’s tastes.

…And it is offensive…

…It is deeply offensive and injurious for many of us to a degree which cannot even be calculated, for our sexuality [and all expressions or hints of it] to be dictated “some form of rape or assault”. It is not merely an invasion of our entire lives and our very sense of mental balance…but it is a violation of them…Those of us relentlessly targeted by these assaults all throughout our lives…we suffer in very real, very deep ways…from not just what it tares out of our lives…but the extremely ruthless things it inflicts upon us…no matter if you run foul of law and customs, or not.

Sexual outcasts suffer every bit as much psychologically, as genuine rape victims…And I wish more people would come to understand this point…I mean…we have gotten much, much better, with regards to the very base variety of gays and lesbians…and being sympathetic to their plight…what they commonly have to endure, growing up from child to adult and beyond…just for supposedly “being born wrong”…

…What society continues to fail at realizing…is that the many other social groups who are also guilty of supposedly “being born wrong”, go through the exact same journey of psychological hell…Only, our social groups don’t have the Dan Savages of this world to tell us all “it gets better”…Quite the contrary…we have endless parades of politicians and anti sex activists, who relentlessly bash us, assault us with hate speech and dehumanizing hate propaganda, passing and lobbying for laws that target an ever increasing range of our mere presence on this planet.

We have virtually nothing, to act as a social support structure…and what little we do have, there are vicious, ignorant people constantly trying to destroy [even if it is clearly of benefit to all]. So many of us [from child to adult] are just isolated…and even more so, when we really need the personal guidance and support…from people who know and understand, exactly what we are going through.

…Instead, the “role models” society and pop culture chooses to force down our throats, are kidnappers, child rapists and child murderers…people extremely violent and abusive towards children…imposing upon our psyche from a very young age…”this is what we are”…”that is what we will do”…

…A complete load of rubbish…for which I harbor an entirely justified anger towards society…The way it has psychologically raped such a vast range and number of humans [including my kind] for merely being sexual beings…it truly is a crime against humanity, which has far reaching impact on all of society itself.

Will we collectively ever wise up and change course, in the face of such a clearly abysmal failure in human and social relations policy?…Can society even see, what is in its own best interest?

You know…what I dread most…is that all of us are just going to remain in our own self centered mindsets…talking about our own limited range of issues…all the while failing to discover the necessity of reaching out to others…of understanding those others…of valuing those others…of welcoming those others into the fold…of taking everybody’s issues seriously…of affording mutual respect as a cultural default…of actually doing something about the suffering of others [even the unconventional] and the wrong done to them, to help alleviate it

I question whether or not we will collectively rise above the hate and phobia…and realize that it is only hurting everybody, when any of us or all of us remain at each others throats…

…Will you ever see me, or anybody at all like me, for the human being that I am?…Or are you just going to throw around intellectually dishonest terms like “rape culture”, and all the other innuendo and hate speech, to conceal the real individuals that we are?

The USA does not have a rape culture…In fact, just the opposite is true…It has a hyperactive, hyper phobic, hypersensitive culture, ravenously eager to call every sexual thing supposedly out of the ordinary, “rape”, “assault”…”a crime”…”indecent”…”immoral”…”a threatening epidemic”…

If the USA ever finds its intellectual scruples…these bits and pieces of hyperbole will be relegated, to the records of our own embarrassing past…where they can be forgotten…

Because honest people do not need them, and find the harmful usage of them to be offensive



In Commemoration of Nelson Mandela…

Date: December 12, 2013

One of the people who I consciously chose for my “famous people quotes” blog header series, is Nelson Mandela. I actually chose him and started preparation on a header several months ago…After learning of his death, I finally decided on a quote and completed it.

It was meant for January…but in light of his recent death, I am releasing that header today…If you refresh this blog enough times…presumably, you will eventually see it…I’ll just let it continue into January, where I may even add another one [from Nelson].

Nelson had many, many, many great quotes attributed to him…and it was honestly difficult, to decide on which ones to keep and which ones to not use…So, I’ve actually created like…six or seven of them [far more, than I intended on providing for any one person]…I may, or may not, use every single one of them…I don’t know.

This act is a simple payment of respects, for a man who was honestly a giant…The world is poorer in his loss.

Note: The “famous person quotes” blog header series was started by me to highlight and share with the world, those people, characters and words of wisdom which I hold in esteem for their high quality of character and insight. These people, characters and quotes express something, which I find a personal kinship with.

Introducing The News Scramble…


Date: December 03, 2013

Here is “the new deal”…

“The World Prune News” is likely going away…though I expect to put its past posts back online. The topics discussed in that series [funny news], will probably get absorbed into this new series.

“The News Scramble” is for when I have way too many links on hand to respond to, but I want to at least feature those links [likely of news] on my blog…So, you might find half a dozen or more links to articles, with a very brief summary…and I may, or may not, give any sort of personal opinion about it.

I may go back to them at a later time, and write something about them in another post…It’s a good way of collecting and sharing relevant links…I think.

This is going to be a loose mish mash of lots of stuff, as opposed to normal individual posts, which focus on one thing…Some issues I have beaten to death over the years, also…and I don’t so much want to repeat myself anymore…Some of that kind of content, will likely end up in this series.

…I may refine this series a little bit in the future…maybe give it different sections, for different topics…

We shall see.

– Steve