In Commemoration of Nelson Mandela…

Date: December 12, 2013

One of the people who I consciously chose for my “famous people quotes” blog header series, is Nelson Mandela. I actually chose him and started preparation on a header several months ago…After learning of his death, I finally decided on a quote and completed it.

It was meant for January…but in light of his recent death, I am releasing that header today…If you refresh this blog enough times…presumably, you will eventually see it…I’ll just let it continue into January, where I may even add another one [from Nelson].

Nelson had many, many, many great quotes attributed to him…and it was honestly difficult, to decide on which ones to keep and which ones to not use…So, I’ve actually created like…six or seven of them [far more, than I intended on providing for any one person]…I may, or may not, use every single one of them…I don’t know.

This act is a simple payment of respects, for a man who was honestly a giant…The world is poorer in his loss.

Note: The “famous person quotes” blog header series was started by me to highlight and share with the world, those people, characters and words of wisdom which I hold in esteem for their high quality of character and insight. These people, characters and quotes express something, which I find a personal kinship with.

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