Date: December 24, 2013

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“By not having a name, you close off your difference and identity. It’s not just a label, it’s a description.”

True…I’ve often wondered how it would exactly help us, by giving up the use of words like “pedophile”.

If we don’t have anything to coherently discuss our own issues, then how do we support each other?…or even find each other? Community support and organization is thrown straight out the window…except, maybe, for very vague expressions of it.

…but sometimes, we need to have the specialized focus…I mean, some of us actually are exclusive BoyLovers [pedophiles, as well]…and empathetic, sound advice does not just come from anybody at all…nor does genuine understanding, of our more unique issues.

Likewise…I don’t see how abandoning words like “pedophile” will help…because the social hysterics surrounding the phantom named “pedophile”, took on a life of its own decades ago…

…In fact, it is explicitly because of the extreme excesses of said social hysterics…that some of us [myself included] have been pushed out of complacency, taking a more public stance against those extreme excesses.

I honestly don’t see us being quiet or going into hiding, as an option…Social hysteria feeds off of itself, and has a tendency to just keep getting worse by its own initiative. Doing nothing and saying nothing, is being complacent…all in the face, of social behavior which is causing a lot of turmoil and suffering…and a cultural state I find impossible to live in, without letting it be known just how badly it exasperates [and some days infuriates] me.

What I envision under the various words we use to describe ourselves [“pedophile” being one of them]…is a very large community that comes together, grows and builds a support structure…One that finally stands up for itself, and for it’s own basic dignity and right to exist…I envision a day, where we can openly state who we are, what we are, how we are…share genuine experience, wisdom and advice amongst ourselves…and even with the world, at large.

One practical outgrowth of this, might be a resource like BoyChat [or even face-to-face fellowships]…where those who are in need of advice [maybe just relationship advice, of any nature that is common to us], can benefit from those amongst us more experienced…maybe even like a father to a son, or a mother to a daughter…It is the same concept, of passing on knowledge.

This is a patently human thing…and it should never be forced to exist in hiding, nor expressed openly only under euphemisms.

…We have a right to our own identities…a right to finding and sharing, good things about ourselves, and about those we share commonalities [and our lives] with.

…It has been amongst the worst mass psychological rapes in history…that anybody at all, has been able to make individuals like us ever believe otherwise…A vast many of us carry the burdens and sufferings of their definitions…And those are shackles, which really must be cast off.

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