Real Strategies In a Real World…

Date: January 3, 2014

Note: I respect EthanEdwards [Ethan Edwards], as well as the right of Virtuous Pedophiles [] to exist. I am happy enough to openly discuss its existence, and give out the URL. I am even empathetic, with a lot of the stories shared there, and the plight of the individuals behind them…In addition, I think some common ground is shared here…And I appreciate that many people are acting in good faith. What I do have sincere concerns about, however…is the rise of any faction amongst us, that wishes to control what the rest of us express. Does Virtuous Pedophiles aspire towards this?…I really don’t know…I hope not.

01) A realistic strategy for pedophiles

Hello Ethan…

“I would urge you to accept first that sexual activity with underage boys will never be acceptable in your lifetime.”

From my vantage point, this has always been a given for most of us alive today.

“Society believes it is not, and that belief itself is sufficient to make it harmful.”

The extreme influence of society usually dictates these things, yes…I would point out, though…even today, not all cultures and countries are alike on this issue. Some of them could provide a window, into what is possible. I appreciate when people study, discover and share this type of information…If nothing else, it may help attest not only to our commonality…but to our nature.

There is something which strikes me very wrong, in the idea of turning our backs on not only that…but on failing to stand up for ourselves…explain ourselves…honestly try to provide a healthy framework, in which we might fit.

…Being the silent dog that gets habitually kicked, does not fit into any healthy social framework.

“Next, give up any agitation for changing that situation. You then have the beliefs that I’ll call “anti-contact”. (Those beliefs are also the essence of the Virtuous Pedophiles position.)…[…]…The more anti-contact pedophile voices and the fewer pro-contact…”

Now…I have to ask the question…and I am more interested in the official position of Virtuous Pedophiles, than I am in your private viewpoint…or if that cannot be given, then I’d like to know what the general mood and “party line” seems to be amongst the members of Virtuous Pedophiles…

…Are expressed diverse viewpoints and voices regarding issues of intergenerational sexual relationships, looked upon as contrary to the outlook and goals of Virtuous Pedophiles, or are they in any way seen as a threat to the Virtuous Pedophiles agenda?

Or, stated another way…Is it the position of Virtuous Pedophiles, that the public pursuits of those of us with different viewpoints “on pedophilia” are unwelcome and unwanted?

Next, I just wanted to express a couple of things…

1) What you ask is mammoth…It amounts to essentially going into exile…I am certain in the minds of some, it also means surrender in a war we’ve been combating for years…There is nothing more unnatural, than just abandoning it all. In addition…the manner in which many of us have fought to deflect aggression…you don’t pour yourself into all of that, carry the risks of putting yourself out there for years, just to end up with a body of content [ie: writings, etc.] to throw away, pretending it never existed. What you ask, to my mind…is way, way, way beyond extreme.

2) Any structured agenda which requires the silence of others…to my mind, this will always send up red flags…no matter who, where, when or why…There cannot be a healthy system, where people within it cannot speak freely. The fact that our type of social grievances are not politically correct, is no excuse for them to remain unexpressed…And even if we did allow the rest of society to live ignorant of knowledge of us…our allowing them to maintain their illusions, does nothing to address the problems festering under the surface.

3) I think…if it is vital to the outlook and agenda of Virtuous Pedophiles, that a considerable many of the rest of us fall silent…or just as bad, forfeit our own voices and fall into submission to a pre-approved and sanitized message, created and pushed by somebody else…then Virtuous Pedophiles has a critical problem, in it’s own foundation…Perhaps, a new envision would be in order…Because that is one type of corralling, you just are never going to succeed in getting…We are not “The Borg”…A life and a voice like that [the borg] is not real…it is not genuine.

4) We need diversity in people and action. Not all of us share the opinion, that forms of action you don’t like seeing are bad.

5) People do what they do, for a wide variety of reasons…They may not be all about getting into someone else’s pants…but they are also not all about pushing a rigid agenda…A lot of times, the motives are personal…It is some way to exercise control in your own life, and explore some manner of meaning in your own life…hopefully along the way, onlookers will finally figure out, that we are humans also…and we aren’t so different…That some of us hold enough respect for the integrity of these issues concerning us, to refuse treating them different from any other form of discussion, in no way diminishes what we do…I consider it to be integral to what we do.

6) …and last…Virtuous Pedophiles, as I see it, are pursuing a kind of “Uncle Tom” path…I don’t begrudge you for this…but the benefits you can anticipate, if any…are “Uncle Tom” benefits…I am not implying those “Uncle Tom” benefits would be entirely worthless…But I am saying, my own voice is not a bartering chip…and silence is a mighty steep price tag, for “Uncle Tom” benefits.

From a personal standpoint, I can sincerely say that nothing I have done in my own pursuits, was for the purpose of alarming others…or fighting with anyone…even in the presence, of a mountain of reasons to fight back…My unspoken “motto” has been alive, in the chosen path of responding with constructive, creative, honest, thoughtful and positive expression, in the face of hostility.

…This is how I deal with life in this world, as a BoyLover…It is just who I am…Others may not find the exact same things in these pursuits, which I do…They have a different path to seek and walk.

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