Blue Is the Warmest Colour…

Date: January 5, 2014

01) More on the mainstreaming of pedophilia

“Cinema heavyweights Roman Polanski and Jim Jarmusch wrapped up the Cannes Film Festival race Saturday, as speculation raged whether a shockingly explicit lesbian love story could capture a top prize.

The audacious French coming-of-age tale “Blue Is the Warmest Colour” featuring hard-core sex between the lead actresses, remained the talk of the town as the competition ended with two more looks at unconventional couples.”


“The three-hour-long drama about a 15-year-old girl who falls for a French woman tracks their passionate affair and devastating separation.”

Apparently, John Hayward and many of his regular readers do not approve…Reading through the comments, there are a scant few gems in there…But this is obviously a gathering place, of people with very rigidly defined views on human sexuality…

Interestingly…I think one of the nicknames there, is the same used by a person who used to post on BoyChat…years and years ago…

Well…anyway…Interesting situation…

… The French, who have a sexual age of consent set at fifteen years, had this movie being released… about a “coming of age” love affair, between a fifteen year old female and a thirty [I think] year old female… It may be on the edge, but it is still quite legal in France… Allegedly, there are explicit sex scenes between them…

Lesbian sex is not my cup of tea… So, I am not especially interested in watching this… But I am curious, even if only to find out what all the fuss is about… It likely won’t even get released in the US [or allowed here], without some editing… and maybe even not then. If it does, it will be greatly limited…Heck, it is honestly hard to find any films at all dealing with these kinds of issues [or telling “our” kinds of life stories], anywhere in my area of the world…and that goes for even the more mainstream gay stuff…It either never gets shown in theaters, or it is here and gone in the blink of an eye…Usually the former.

Speaking as someone all too fed up with being shunted away, and shrouded by the phobias and intolerance of others…I have desperately yearned for years, that real, true to life, accurate, tasteful, dignified and humane representations of sexual minorities [including us Child-Lovers, and Teen-Lovers also], would actually become normal in the media…Because these are the stories which tell the untold sides [the reality of our lives, young and old, from our side of the fence…what it means to us, and how we experience it]…They speak to people like us…They represent us…And there are far too few movies claiming to address people like us, which are not outright stereotypical tripe.

…In many cases, it is just bold demonizing propaganda…and it is a genuine form of hate speech.

I am tired of that kind of garbage… and I applaud anybody, who actually tries to give an honest picture, of the tender love [and yes, the realities of a relationship] shown between and amongst those of us who are not heterosexual… nor part of our cultures rigid “Borg sexuality”…

My hat is off all the more, when it is acknowledged that a teenager and an adult can share in just such a tender, meaningful relationship…Now, if only we could have more than “For a Lost Soldier”, to represent us BoyLovers…That is an area ripe for a lot of fresh, new storytelling…from interesting, inventive and exciting perspectives.

I wish we were no longer forced to experience our own life stories vicariously, through heterosexual, or generic gay and lesbian themes…Intergenerational relations deserves its own category…This theme could make for a wonderful library of movies, with a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and shared experience.

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