The Practical Pedosexual: Dangers We Face


Date: January 25, 2014

Summary of the video: An older guy [who looks to be in his forties or fifties] is chatting with a cute, young boy, via video chat. The conversation goes towards the guy asking the boy to pull down [or take off] his pants and underwear. The back and forth goes on for a while, until it is revealed that the video of the boy is a simple video loop, to hide the fact that it’s really an adult posing as a young boy. Meanwhile, the vigilante is grabbing the older mans IP address, doing a web search on it, and collecting this man’s private information…which he posts back to the older man…with notice, that he is being reported to his local police department.

Thank you, to the BoyChat poster who posted this.

In any sane world…nobody would even care, if a couple of males wanted to have a private masturbation session over a webcam. It is entirely physically non-contact…and simply seeing/showing something someone gets sexually excited over [and gains sexual release from], harms nobody…

…With few exceptions, such as that douchebag creep who made the news, for taking screen captures of young kids [amidst their sexual behavior on webcam], for the explicit purpose of blackmailing young kids into staying involved with him [and forcing them to perform for him]…

…I would have to say, given an open, good natured encounter…there is no reason under the sun, why anyone of any age, should walk away from a non-contact, virtual sexual encounter over the internet, either traumatized or injured. If they are conflicted over it at all…this is likely due to stigma surrounding the activity…And given how common it seems to be these days, I sincerely question just how stigmatized it even is…Kids own the market in “sexting”, after all…and they are the major producers of “child pornography”, because of this.

I think it is ludicrous to imply there aren’t any number of kids out there, who would happily flow with this sort of online activity, if given the chance…

…But, in a world where people jump through mental hoops, just to tie this sort of a scenario up into a bunch of knots, so they can formulate numerous theoretical dangers to attach to a ludicrously harmless act…we have to be honest, about the social dangers which are not only facing us…but those which are actively coming out, looking for us.

We cannot allow ourselves to fall for this…If you are engaging in this type of activity…you can no longer trust who you are communicating with…It may be some parasitic predator out for malicious kicks…or out to make a name for themselves…

Be aware that these sociopaths are out there, and that their aim is to hurt you…badly…

My best advice, is to not seek sexual encounters online…period.

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