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When We Are Not Criminal Enough…

Date: February 25, 2014

01) Mick Moran of Interpol and Pro-active Pedo Policing

I’m reminded of a very old interview of a homosexual man [who was active in the liberation struggle]…I’m hard pressed to recall an exact quote, but you will no doubt know the instance I am referencing, as I paraphrase…”a homosexual can be inactive or illegal…for a homosexual, that is no choice at all”…

The reality of this harsh sentiment, is applicable here…as this behavior you focus a spotlight on, in its very nature, is about relentless constriction…to the point where a target group [ours, in this case] can no longer exist in compliance with social laws, or with the intentions of law enforcement…or even just the intentions of those with heavy influence.

It does not matter how good you intend to be, nor how good you genuinely do live…certain people simply want us rounded up, and removed from society…and that really is at the root of this.

They’ve decided to define us in ways which make us seem irredeemable…and set to identifying behavioral characteristics which we generally share…Those of us who are not doing heinous things [the majority of us?], or who are not being bad enough to allow for a prison cell…I think society has devolved down this path far enough, to where us sorts are actually the ones who enrage them the worst…because they cant get their hands onto us, legally…They are bound by law and social ethical standards, to leave us alone…and that is a major problem, in their minds.

…The status of criminality, is not much more than a technicality…

If a person you want gone is untouchable…then perpetually make those things they like, and those things they do, a “violation of a law”…Eventually, you will have a criminal.

Probably the most alarming thing in your article, is pointing out how deeply detached their path of thinking is from objective reality…and how brazenly ludicrous it is, that they are even trying to argue such inhumane, extreme persecutions, based on such flighty and weak rationalization.

…This is because they have become very emboldened, in the face of social momentum that’s gone bat shit crazy against us…They know fully well, that they can tell bold faced lies with a straight face…and so long as they dress them up in lingo that sounds sophisticated enough…a lot of people will let it pass, or even buy into it…If nothing else, it is an additional excuse to “burn the child rapist”, to those searching for any excuse…and many people like to collect excuses.

The people who make these insane arguments, know that they will not be held accountable for anything they have said [nor whatever comes of it]…and they know, we, their target, are much too disorganized and reeling from decades of constant onslaught assaults, to mount a credible retaliation for what they are doing.

I hope things change dramatically in the future…but that is how things are today.

What they have been arguing for, is a double standard in law and in social equality…What they’ve been searching for, is any excuse to treat others as if they were lesser human…It’s nothing more than instigators trying to convince the majority, that it’s okay to decimate vulnerable minorities.