Frontline: Secrets of the Vatican…

Date: February 26, 2014

01) Link

Very interesting, to say the least…

My views on sex abuse in the catholic church, have been repeated enough times…to where I don’t really feel up to stating them again, at this moment.

It’s not shocking, however, that homosexuality is so prevalent at the Vatican…nor in the catholic church…

…If you are born that way, but you just don’t believe you can actually live a life in harmony with your needs…then a “celibate” option like the catholic clergy, may very well be an attractive place to go…at least in theory. If you are trying not to be true to your nature, then hey…that is an institution, which provides a place to hide said nature…to deny said nature, out in the open…even if vaguely so.

…Problem is…human nature is much stronger, than the catholic church could ever hope to be.

This, in my opinion…is why all of these people who have flocked to the catholic church, in order to hide and deny themselves of their true nature, has bitten the catholic church in its own behind.

Sexual repression in the bigger picture, is an unrealistic goal…We endlessly see this, time and time again.

If the catholic church wishes to host this type of person, in a sexually repressed environment…of course, it is going to blow up in the churches face…time and time again.

May I suggest to any out there who are like me…but who also are pursuing a life and career in some religious institution, which holds rigid views on human sexuality…that such a choice may lead to many unethical consequences?…and maybe, you should place yourself elsewhere?

…Maybe you should think long and hard, before deciding what you can reasonably leave behind and what you can live without?…

…The rest of your life is a long time, to live with ill weighed decisions.

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