Dirty Sex Secrets?…

Date: February 27, 2014

01) Thanks Kabby!

02) Is Emma Stone Sporting A Baby Bump? A Nine-Year-Old Boy Tells Us What He Thinks

This totally violates at least a few social taboos…I love it!

Are they trying to drive hardline sex prohibitionists and members of the sex abuse industry into a frenzy?…

You gotta know, someone is going to be out there…screaming about a small child making “inappropriate” explicit sexual comments.

…Aren’t they arguing now…kids like him are being “sexually exploited”?…

…Maybe, that’s just the people on the extreme fringes…I don’t know.

Tyler is a super cutie!…

2 thoughts on “Dirty Sex Secrets?…

  1. leonard sisyphus mann

    Very good! I love it when kids talk dirty.

    It’s worth checking out the comments too. This exchange caught my eye:

    Miss Spaz 1 year ago
    Haha I used to babysit a little girl (5 or 6) when I was like, 14 who would literally say this shit. She wasn’t raised around anything overly sexual or violent so it’s not like she was abused, I think adults assume that kids have these innocent pure minds. They might not understand it all, but they’re still thinking it.

    George Bombadil 1 year ago
    Lol yeah XD My little sister, who is for the most part normal, pretends her stuft toys have sex.

    Miss Spaz 1 year ago
    Hahaha! It’s cute in a weird way. When I was babysitting, the little girl would have Barbie and Ken get it on in the bathroom. I told her that the bathroom is the wrong place for that, but she told me they do it everywhere.

    krm6886 1 year ago
    Not to get all serious on an Onion YouTube video, but that is like a hallmark of sexual abuse. I have a close friend in the field, and that’s one of the tell-tale signs they look for. :-/


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