A Modern Day Example of Entirely Un-traumatized Boys…


Date: February 28, 2014

Warning: There is explicit, live documentation, of young boys putting their mouths in/on the vaginas of cows, and later having their heads peed on, by those same cows.

This Item Is Now Gone…Censorship…How Predictable…

01) Dinka TribeTakes Cow Urine Showers To Turn Hair Orange & Lactate Cows

This is done to make the cows lactate, producing more milk…

…Still, they are using their mouths to sexually stimulate cows…and they are getting peed on, as well…

This type of work is a status symbol, apparently…

It just helps to show, that an awful lot of human behavior [and human reaction] falls outside of the narrow, restrictive and forbidding viewpoint that remains dominant.

I don’t know if it happens amongst the Dinka people…but in some areas of the world, sex between boys and animals [often mules or donkeys] is outright institutionalized…and widespread…It’s what they commonly do between the time they enter puberty, and the time they get married…I’ll have to find the video link I have on that report…


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