The Character of Homosexuals?…

Date: March 2, 2014

01) RWW News: Klingenschmitt Says If You Are Gay, “Then You Should Be Discriminated Against”

I think the clearly scummy thing here…is this attempt to equate sexual orientation and consensual sexual activity with “corruption” and “immorality” [or “sin”]…

Where does Gordon Klingenschmitt get off, implying something so negative, dark and bad [dare I say, wicked and evil?]…based on a question of sexual orientation, and mutual sexual association?

It sounds like Gordon is imposing something onto homosexuality, which in reality is not even there as a general matter of human behavior…

…Do homosexuals have bad intentions behind their sex lives, driving them to harm others with their own sex acts?…No, of course not…Not as a rule, anyway…Certainly no more so, than heterosexuals would be guilty of the same…And let’s be real…How many heterosexuals are out to injure and destroy others, with their sex lives?

Sexual orientation is not a moral question…It just is…It simply exists, without an offered choice…It is something which you discover about yourself. It is not something you choose. It may be wide enough in scope, to allow for diversity…You may be able to suppress it, or parts of it, for a time…Intensity may evolve…But at no point in time, do you actively choose what turns you on, or what you are able to sexually function with…or what sexually satisfies your particular needs.

Sexual behavior which manifests in consensual activity, with others who share your leanings enough to participate on their own behalf…that is also not a question of morality…unless we are asking, “Is this an arrangement of good moral quality?”…To which I would have to say…yes, a sexual relationship which is entered into with respect for the needs of all participants, is one of a good moral quality. You are dealing with something, which one way or another needs to be dealt with…and in the most productive and agreeable manner possible. The participants are, in a good situation, receiving a mutual net positive from the relationship. This lends stability to the lives of those involved…and helps prevent them from seeking sexual satisfaction from reckless choices.

…That, my friends…is something of good moral character…

Gordon does not want this to be recognized, as good moral character?

It is peculiar what people will deny to others…and the mental gymnastics they must go through, in order to “justify” their conclusions…Hijacking Martin Luther King Jr’s words…peculiar, indeed.

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