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A New BL Agenda?…

Date: March 10, 2014

01) The new BL agenda (survey)

“I believe that our main goal should be The Humanization of Minor Attracted People and civil rights.”

…Or, stated another way…We need to increase focus on our commonalities, and on what our individual existences honestly are like…We need to promote a mutual sympathy, not just for our own plight…but for the fears and phobias [and for some people, things they actually experienced at the hands of “a pedophile” and society] which are held by many.

It’s not enough to simply express truth…People commonly do not think in terms of “what is true”…or more accurately, in terms of continually searching for what is true.

…To many people think “they just know”…or even if they don’t, that they are acting on behalf of some “higher cause”, by behaving as though their actions are above question…or “obviously, for the better”.

I think…a better goal moving forward…is for the creation of a better form of dialogue…Not one where people of opposed sides are relentlessly looking for “the win”…But one where people actually want to set down, and work through issues which divide us and issues which injure us…not just as individuals, but as a whole society…even as a species, in some regards.

This demands a far better quality of individual, because they all must want to work with each other on a common base goal…not work against each other, like so many people already do [even amongst our own ranks].

This means that a lot of the ruckus and noise making must be placed aside…and, almost certainly, that this kind of constructive dialogue cannot happen here.

As to individual issues, I cannot speak for anyone else…but these are ideas on what I have a tendency to do.

Mental health:

B4U-ACT is the only organization I am even aware of, which is making any positive advancement in this area. Despite reservations and understanding it may not be what a lot of us think ideal…I’ve always held a deep respect for what they are doing. I’ve seen over the years, that despite our outward face we put on, that “we are doing okay”…for many of us, we are not doing okay…Some have no place to turn to.

Be it what it is and has been…I will continue to give general support and promotion to B4U-ACT…I think, they are at the only place in mental health right now, where genuine change can begin to take place…Things will spring from this place.

I don’t have any grand scheme regarding mental health…other than personally not going insane, or falling into a deep pit of despair…Not allowing myself to be mentally, emotionally and spiritually beaten down by others, here or elsewhere. I plan to hold onto those things which give my life meaning and hope.

Given the place where we stand today…I think, this is a balanced and realistic outlook.

Legal system and government:

Any of us can speak of “what needs to happen”…but to be totally honest with you…I don’t know where to begin, or where to focus…

Largely…I believe much of the reason we are where we are, is because the government with it’s “justice system”, is simply too big and invasive…and it has largely been expanding into our private lives [even where it never should be], as a means of substantiating it’s own tendency to grow and expand…”There is always something, that needs to be stopped or regulated”…It is an inhuman social machine, handling humans and their issues and needs, daily.

Maybe…we should promote that being a decent person with good intentions, is not enough to justify falling foul of “the justice system”…

I am, however…like most here…disenfranchised from the legal process…and in my opinion, the wrong people are pulling the strings of this puppet we call “the justice system”…To many of them are not people, that give a damn about the destructive impact of their own actions…Many of them are, in fact, in denial about their own actions being destructive at all.

…Exactly the wrong sort of people, to be entrusted with such power…Maybe, nobody can be trusted with this sort of power…Maybe, this type of power simply should not exist.

There are a lot of times, when I think many of the anti-state anarchists have it right.

Social reform:

We need to pin people and organizations down to concrete positions…and we need to press them, to put their money where their mouth is.

Some questions that come to mind for me…Is “pedophilia” a mental illness, or not?…Is it a disability, or not?…

I have my own opinions on these questions, but they are not relevant in this context…because I’m not discussing my opinion on these questions…

If it is a consensus that we are mentally ill…and it would also follow, that we would have a disability…it needs to be explained and justified, just why we [who are allegedly so dangerous to children, and where children are of the greatest concern] have been consistently denied social benefits and programs for our disabilities…as well as resources for our mental illness…

There needs to be some consistency, not only on where things stand, but on following through to logical conclusions…No more of this languishing on in a debased sphere of existence, which is neither here nor there.

This is what I want to see, socially…No more hiding behind, “They are evil, so lock them in prison and throw away the key”…but a genuine, consistent stance…

It is already well established, that we are complex individuals, who share most of the same human themes as anyone else…including deep personal conflict, and self reflection…a sense of moral and ethical right…inability to escape our circumstances…attempting to make the best of what we have…

…It is high time society started acknowledging this, and living by a humane approach towards us…

There may still be a lot wrong in what they do…but at least they will start behaving more consistently.

I’m reminded of an old proverb I just recently got reintroduced with…

“Be kind…Each individual is fighting a great battle.”

Society desperately needs to embrace this proverb, and live by it…It’s not just the golden rule…it is wisdom and insight, the likes of which all social behaviors and policies really ought to spring from.

If society were actually kind and understanding towards us, so much senseless conflict and suffering could be avoided…on all fronts.

Other Thoughts:

…I intend to continue promoting the ideals I have discussed here, along with others I have not discussed here. That is my plan for the future.

Since like many others, I’ve been part of a handful of groups and efforts over many, many years…I ascribe to the principle, that fighting wrong in this world is a matter of multi-pronged initiatives, spread out over a wide range of people and groups…and in the present, so much of what we spend our time doing may feel like little more than spinning our wheels…but it is adding to a positive body of effort and work…

…It is a search for understanding, and being understood…an attempt to find symbiotic existence with this world…and that is not a bad thing…In fact, everybody should be doing this.

Child Pornography Found In Absolute Zero United – Long Prison Sentence…


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Date: March 10, 2014

01) Absolute Zero United alumni sentenced

02) Clay Keys/ T-Sand sentenced to 15 years

03) Registered Sexual Offender Sentenced to Return to Prison

“Pensacola resident 53 year-old Clay C. Keys, was sentenced Tuesday on his guilty plea to a federal indictment charging him with the receipt and distribution of child pornography and possession of ammunition by a convicted felon. Keys was previously convicted in state court for a lewd and lascivious act upon a child and is a registered sexual offender.

Keys was found guilty of using peer-to-peer software between April 2009 and August 2013 to share thousands of images of child pornography online. A federal search warrant was obtained for Keys’ residence in August 2013, and law enforcement officers discovered more than 10,000 images and videos of child pornography. Chief United States District Judge M. Casey Rodgers sentenced Keys to 15 years in federal prison to be followed by a lifetime of supervised release.”

Tsand [Clay Keys] spent quite a long time pandering to Stitches77 and the rest of azu, trying to get them to warm up to him. He endured quite a bit of abuse, in that pursuit.

I actually do remember this, because it was occurring near the end of a time when I was still paying attention to azu…and it was hands down, one of the single saddest things I have ever witnessed…Of all the people for somebody like Clay to be riding on the coat tails of…

I think it is fair to say…he had no respect for himself, and was about as lost as a person could be…And Stitches77 exploited him, as another resource to engage in harassment, cyber stalking and the spreading of hate.

He came off as somebody unstable, who could not be trusted…which is the primary reason why I did not even try to reach out to him…

…And at the end of the day, he was a genuine member of the online terrorist group azu…So, the predictable has now happened…azu has the trading of child pornography, to add to it’s grocery list of criminal activity.

…It was only a matter of time…I’m not shocked at all…If karma is a real thing, then this is it…though they deserve quite a bit more of this kind of karma, individually.

Thanks, yoyoboy…I think the reason this has not shown up [on BoyChat] yet, is because virtually nobody is paying attention to azu anymore…they are not much relevant, and have looked to be in shambles [as an organized effort] for years…Perhaps the constant submersion of themselves into hate, anger and acts of abuse, have finally caught up with the individuals of azu…That sort of behavior does have chemical, psychological and health consequences over the long run…

I should say something…

…I would never imply that all, or even most, members of the terrorist group “absolute zero united” engaged in the trading of child pornography. In fact…based upon what I have seen out of most of them…I take them at their word, that they are just this insanely fanatical, dogmatic and absolute, in their neurotic obsession with attacking all things [and people] that document and discuss childhood sexuality.

…And I am not trying to falsely associate azu with child pornography trading…As you can plainly see, I don’t need to…They chose this themselves, through their own train wreck of an existence as a group.

This [amongst other things] should serve as a cautionary tale…for those out there who believe they can launch into malicious, vicious assaults against undeserving targets…without possessing the mental ability to know when they are grossly crossing the line into criminal behavior, themselves. Stitches77 and her followers, were not fit to be running any sort of organization…Their [collective and individual] immaturity, vindictiveness, gross lack of human empathy, sense of self entitlement to abuse and torture others horribly, and seemingly non-existent ability to employ deep logic, all saw to it that azu was nothing more than a train wreck…one which was looking to cause as much devastation and casualties, as possible.

I look upon them, as being no better than any al-qaeda cell…The only thing missing in this comparison, is that we have yet to uncover plans [or actual instances] connecting azu with physical murder [and I am genuinely wondering when (not “if”, but “when”) that is going to surface]…But I’ve seen it way to many times, azu members [and people they associate with], belligerently stating it is their goal to drive their targeted victims into the grave…via suicide, most obviously…but the implication of azu’s activities made clear a much wider range of threat, to the bodies and lives of it’s victims…They have for years disseminated the pictures, names, home addresses, telephone numbers, places of employment, physical descriptions, etc, etc, of numerous individuals [including very decent, harmless people I know and love]…knowing full and well, that predatory, violent people may use this information to randomly track them down and murder them at any time.

The members of azu are outright filthy evil cruel predators…and not a single one of them, including Clay, deserves sympathy for suffering the fallout of their own behavior…Clay is where he belongs…and nowhere near enough of the rest of azu, is where they belong…right alongside Clay, in a prison cell.

Hypocrisy abounds, with groups like azu…It’s just a matter of time, before it surfaces…

…And you know…this is exactly the reason why, so often the people who most viciously attack others, are often accused of being closeted cases of the exact same thing they attack…

As it turns out…frequently enough…the very exact same things they go haywire over out in the open…are what eventually get found to be occurring, within their own ranks.

azu…a group which reviles and hates child pornography so much…that the trading and collecting of child pornography is going on, within the ranks of azu itself…

…If this was not so pathetically common a phenomena amongst the self appointed, self righteous “do gooders”…I would be saying, “Un-Freaking-Believable!”…

But this is the reality of it…

…Many of the people most heavily involved in trash talking and persecuting child pornography, and the people involved in it…are themselves, fully submerged into the trading, collection, production and enjoyment of child pornography.

The incredible irony here…is just how much venom and abuse I have received from these people over the past, for merely discussing issues like child pornography and child sexuality with a level head, and no sensationalism…all while not engaging in criminal behavior, like having or trading child pornography…

…As it turns out…azu alumni actually are the ones engaged in criminal behavior of a wide range…including having and trading child pornography.

…And yes…that is a fair, accurate statement of fact.

Does Stitches77 and the other fools who have followed her, possess the mental capacity to understand what is so glaringly wrong with this picture?…Almost certainly, no.