A Gem of Wisdom: “All About Power”…

Date: March 16, 2014

01) A few things

“If our attractions were about power than we would also be attracted to anybody we can overpower… like midgets, old ladies, and small animals. It had nothing to do with power any more than straight men being attracted to women has anything to do with power. We are sexually attracted to kids because we find them sexy. Not because we want to hurt them.” – sir sympathy

An astute observation, by sir sympathy…

…and it is an excellent response to give, anytime someone throws out the “all about power” accusation [which is all that it is…a forceful accusation…It is not a valid argument, of any form…].

It is fair to note…that a lot of people do [maliciously, I believe] go on to suggest, or even outright claim, that our attraction to children “proves that we would rape anyone, or anything, we were capable of raping”…

This has to do with a failure in their own comprehension…Not just a failure dealing with what constitutes a sexual attraction [or orientation]…but also a failure to comprehend natural motives behind sexual relations.

It confuses those who are motivated by “the thrill of rape”…with those who are inclined to seek a sexual companion, who possesses certain physical and personal character traits…two distinct categories, which really have nothing to do with each other.

As a side note…I’ve never understood why so many people out there seemingly believe, that the physical aspects of a child’s body “cannot be sexually appealing”…or that “it must be a mental sickness, to find such things sexually appealing”…Sexual intimacy is something which goes well beyond the mere pursuit of making babies…and hence, whether or not one or both [or all] participants are physically capable of making a baby, is irrelevant to the question of whether or not the act, or relationship, is based on valid sexuality and valid intent.

Many people would counter this, by saying children lack the cognitive skills to comprehend any long term effects of this kind of relationship…And while it is clearly true, anyone who has never experienced it before, has little [or no] idea what to expect from the experience [except whatever has been verbally described to them, in a way they can comprehend]…it is not true, that these relations and activities cannot be [or rarely are] conducted in a manner that caters to the child, and to the child’s own pleasure.

This is one of the things I find very troubling…just how frequently this point is entirely omitted, from the body of discussion on pedophilia…Any fact based representations, on just exactly how these types of relationships tend to play out, is almost never considered in public discussion.

The question is not whether pedophilia is harmful…but instead, why pedophilia is being framed in public discourse, to make it appear as if it were harmful…and why information to the contrary is far more likely to be shouted down, side stepped and it’s voicer belittled, as opposed to given critical consideration.

From what I see…public behavior towards this sexual orientation is more about subversion, and simply trying to keep the relevant individuals separate…so that it has almost zero opportunity to happen at all, under any circumstances…

…In other words, this is one form of institutionalized social, sexual control…one designed to impose in children, an early life phobia against this type of sex…while imposing a type of social and psychological terror upon those older individuals, who find themselves to have this sexual orientation.

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