Being Savage, to Combat what is Savage…

Date: March 16, 2014

01) The biggest obstacle to the BL ’cause’?

“Is it true to say that the biggest obstacle to the lack of equality for BLs is; the fact that most BLs actually believe they are sick, as apposed to it just being their natural sexual orientation?”

A thought…

…The world is savage…though not everything and everyone in the world is savage.

What you mention is an enormous obstacle…because if people cannot envision anything better, then there will be no progress.

Of equal consideration, is the social practice of penalizing [often times, very harshly] individuals and groups…for those savage things, happening in the broader world…and having the freedom and better interests of some groups, pitted against the plight of others outside of their sphere of control…or influence.

To my mind…it is never okay to persecute or injure an individual, or a group…in the name of stopping something that individual or group has never had a hand in…

…Yet, in my opinion…this is exactly the circumstance which we face.

There is a wider sense of social entitlement…towards destroying the ability of others to create a civil, social way of life, where they can actually live in peace, and in harmony with their own nature.

Humans need to let go of this perspective…that because many individuals are oriented this way, it somehow equates to those individuals being fair game to target, on the grounds that they are somehow at fault for savage brutalities suffered by children [and teens], the world over.

A person who has never raped a child, is never at fault for the global problem of child rape…Under no circumstances, should they ever be treated as though they were.

Doing that, just creates more social problems…more dysfunction…more real savagery…more deep seeded hate.

As I see it…this is every bit as large of a problem, as any of those we presently face.

Humans as a species, need to realize how they are not just harming people like us [which is bad enough and indefensible, in itself]…but how they are harming children, by creating a more volatile and angry world…and the many ways, they are harming themselves in this blind pursuit.

1 thought on “Being Savage, to Combat what is Savage…

  1. eqfoundation Post author

    I didn’t actually answer the question, did I?…and it’s a good question. Does holding a literal belief that we are sick, hold us back?…

    …I may have to return to this.


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